Discover TOTAL Lubricants’ QUARTZ range of oils

With growing pressure to use the correct oil specification tailored to each vehicle, it has become increasingly difficult for technicians to gather all the information required and make the correct product selection.

TOTAL Lubricants, the only integrated oil company which manufactures lubricants in the UK, aim to make sure that workshops are aware of changes in engine requirements and therefore changes in engine oils.

TOTAL QUARTZ is a comprehensive range of lubricants to cover every make and model of car. Whether a workshop is looking for rationalisation or tailored products for specific vehicles, TOTAL have the correct choice of lubricants for vehicle service management.

At the heart of the QUARTZ range are OEM partnerships, and TOTAL is the preferred oil brand for Nissan, Mazda, Peugeot and Citroen, making TOTAL the oil partner of 22% of the UK’s car parc. TOTAL’s products are also approved by most manufactures, and by using OEM approved or even preferred products, you will provide additional peace of mind to your customers.

To help select the right TOTAL QUARTZ products for your customers, TOTAL provide all the detailed application information in an online tool, Lub Advisor. This simple tool allows you to search by make and model of car, to help you make the right choice with confidence everytime. Available also through industry cataloguing systems adopted by some of the big motor factor groups.

The QUARTZ range also features Age Resistant Technology (ART) which fights against friction, corrosion and deposits within the engine. Using innovations discovered through TOTAL’s motorsport partnerships developed over several decades, the QUARTZ range benefits from advanced innovations and know-how developed in competition, providing unique advantages to drivers around the world.

Winning through innovation in motorsports has resulted in vast improvements over other oils in the market. For example, QUARTZ INEO FIRST 0W-30, the champion of fuel saving achieves improvements of over 4.2% in fuel consumption and CO2 reduction, compared to reference oil 5W-40.

Another example is TOTAL QUARTZ 9000 0W-16 - a high performance synthetic lubricant. The formula is optimal for modern passenger car engines and hybrid vehicles and pushes the boundaries of innovation thanks to the breakthrough 0W-16 viscosity grade; delivering minimal friction and wear, improved fuel consumption, excellent cold start properties and extended oil change intervals.

Beyond the vast range, and premium quality of QUARTZ lubricants, another benefit for workshops is the far-reaching awareness of the TOTAL brand. Customers will be willing to pay extra for premium lubricants with genuine and longer lasting engine qualities, from a supplier which still manufactures in the UK. This presents a profit-boosting opportunity for workshops.

Workshops will continue to benefit from TOTAL’s global marketing, which includes been involved in Formula 1 since 1968 and racing team partnerships with Aston Martin Racing in the World Endurance Championship and 24 Hours of Le Mans and with Citroen in the WRC (World Rally Championship).

TOTAL QUARTZ offers today the largest worldwide field coverage through its expert sales and after-sales teams. By providing a high level of service and tailored solutions, everyone at TOTAL commits to support business partners daily. Therefore, from track to road, TOTAL QUARTZ is the winning engine oil. Trusted by the most demanding experts including top racers, car maintenance professionals and by millions of drivers.


To find out more information about Total and its product range call: 01977 636302, email: or visit


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