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Use TOTAL AdBlue® to meet European Emission regulations and improve fuel economy


What is AdBlue® ?

European regulations for exhaust emissions (NOx) have become increasingly stringent therefore dramatically increasing the urgency for engine optimisation. There is a limit to how this can be achieved, and from Euro IV onwards, other technologies have had to step in to keep the reductions possible.

All new trucks built from October 2006 are equipped with a catalytic reduction system that uses AdBlue®. Euro IV, Euro V and now Euro VI require taxes on the exhaust emissions of heavy goods vehicles.

AdBlue® is a water solution of synthetic urea, associated with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) exhaust emission technology. It allows vehicle operators to meet the latest European emission standards by converting pollutants to water vapour and non-harmful nitrogen, therefore reducing exhaust emissions.

Nic Hammond AdBlue Area Business Manager at TOTAL UK Lubricants comments:

“The technology is an important development in the management of transport. If your vehicle is equipped with SCR technology, you will need to fill up with fuel and AdBlue® (in separate tanks). The consumption of AdBlue® helps reduce fuel consumption providing an average of 4 to 6% less of diesel consumption therefore resulting in increased fuel economy.”

To meet the needs of our customers TOTAL AdBlue® is available now from TOTAL UK in the following delivery options; Bulk, IBC, barrel and small pack. In addition, TOTAL can provide customers with a variety of dispensing options including bulk tanks, IBC pumps, lever & rotary hand pumps, etc.

TOTAL is also developing Diaxol - an additive dissolved in AdBlue® for cleaning SCR denox systems which is added to AdBlue® to improve its properties in frequent stopping and cold climate situations.  

Diaxol will prolong the life of diesel fleets and dramatically reduce exhaust clogging due to crystallisation deposits. Tests have shown that vehicles using Diaxol can drive for 50,000 kilometres without any clogging issues.

Due to Diaxol’s preventative effect, there is a reduced requirement for maintenance of the SCR system.

Diaxol is a revolutionary technology for fleets such as city buses and urban trucks. Our estimations show that these sorts of vehicles experience exhaust clogging issues up to 40% of the time. When using Diaxol, these vehicles can literally go for tens of thousands of kilometres without such issues.

Diaxol will soon be available by TOTAL UK in the UK.

To find out more information call: 01977 636301, email: or visit


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