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To support our clients TOTAL offer a variety of delivery options; from traditional pack (2L,5L,10L) to barrel, IBC and bulk.


European Emissions reduction

All new trucks built from October 2006 are equipped with a catalytic reduction system that uses AdBlue® as European regulations on the reduction of emissions have become increasingly stringent. Euro 4, 5 and now Euro 6 require taxes on the exhaust emissions (nitrous oxides and particulates) of heavy goods vehicles.

AdBlue®: What is it?

AdBlue®  is a aqueous solution of synthetic urea, associated with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) exhaust emission technology.

It allows vehicle operators to meet the latest European emission standards by converting pollutants to water vapour and non harmful nitrogen.

Environmental Standards

There are different methods to meet the latest European standards, but the technology chosen by most truck manufacturers is the Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR). Vehicles with SCR have a separate tank for holding AdBlue®. The latter calculates a metering system the amount of AdBlue® injection to flow exhaust gas.

Composition and use

Main components

Urea aqueous solution

Compatibility type of vehicle

Motors Trucks 
(trucks, buses, garbage trucks ...)


Approximately 3L diesel Adblue® 100L 
depending on the vehicle

New Technology

AdBlue®  is an important development in the management of transport. Indeed, if your vehicle is equipped with SCR technology, you will need to fill with fuel and AdBlue®.

The consumption of AdBlue® is an average of 4 to 6% of diesel consumption. In exchange, fuel economy will be achieved.

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To meet the needs of our customers TOTAL offer a variety of delivery options; from bulk to traditional packs including IBC and barrel.

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