What is Diaxol?

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Diaxol – developing the technology today for tomorrow’s demands

TOTAL has developed a new product to meet the increasing demands of the fleet market - Diaxol - an additive dissolved in AdBlue® for cleaning SCR denox systems which is added to AdBlue® to improve its properties in frequent stopping and cold climate situations. 

Diaxol will prolong the life of diesel fleets and dramatically reduce exhaust clogging due to crystallisation deposits. Tests have shown that vehicles using Diaxol can drive for 50,000 kilometres without any clogging issues.

with or without Diaxol

Due to Diaxol’s preventative effect, there is a reduced requirement for maintenance of the SCR system.

Diaxol is a revolutionary technology for fleets including buses, coaches and HGVs. Our estimations show that these sorts of vehicles experience exhaust clogging issues up to 40% of the time.

For more information email lubesorders@total.co.uk


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