• AVGAS UL91

Avgas UL91 is now available in the UK. This is our new fuel for the sports and general aviation market. It’s a colourless, unleaded gasoline that we designed with Rotax engines in mind - and Rotax have endorsed it for Rotax engines 912 UL/A/F, 912 ULS/S and 914 ULF/F.

Thousands of engines across Europe can use Avgas UL91. Modern flex-wing microlights, modern autogyros, and popular aircraft such as the Alpi Pioneer, Aquila, Banbi MCR-01, CT2, Europa, EV-97 Eurostar, A-22 Foxbat, C42 Ikarus, SportCruiser, Tecnam P2002 and twin P2006 using the Rotax engines listed above can all get the benefit of switching to UL91 today.

Download a list of the most popular engine types that can use Avgas UL91, drawn up by the Light Aircraft Association.

Unlike Avgas 100LL, Avgas UL91 is an unleaded fuel, which means it’s better for the environment, and it’s certified to the international standard ASTM D7547. You can read more about the benefits of using Avgas UL91, and find out which airfields in the UK are currently stocking the fuel.

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