Recent Approvals

What about other small General Aviation types?

The UK Light Aircraft Association (LAA) published an Airworthiness Approval Note for use of UL91 in appropriate LAA aircraft, which can be found by on their website (PDF - 622Ko)].


It contains a list of the most popular types of engines for which the fuel is deemed suitable. This is a UK ‘domestic' approval to reference TOTAL's Avgas UL91 for applicable UK registered aircraft operating on a permit to fly, where the permit to fly has been issued on LAA recommendation.


What about CAA / EASA / engine manufacturers?

We are working with the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to cover a greater aircraft / engine combination list, especially for those UK-registered aircraft already notionally approved to run on EN228 Unleaded motor fuels.


Lycoming Service Instruction SI-1070S was issued in April 2013, adding to SI-1070R issued in April 2012. Lycoming Engines have approved Avgas UL91 on 63 specific engine models across the range from Lycoming 235 to Lycoming 540.


TOTAL is working closely with Continental Motors Inc to seek approvals across their range of Engine Models.


The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) issued a Safety Information Bulletin in May 2012 which can be found by clicking here. For aircraft operating on an EASA Certificate of Airworthiness, it notes: "Avgas UL 91 may also be used in all engines and aeroplane types approved for use with Mogas RON 95 (MON 85) in accordance with Standard EN228:2008".




Find out where you can buy Avgas UL91.


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