Where to buy Avgas UL91

The list of aerodromes stocking Avgas UL91 is growing all the time. More than twenty sites in Britain and France sell it so far - see below for a list - and more are planned. We’re also launching Avgas UL91 at aerodromes in Switzerland, Belgium and the Netherlands soon.

At the moment you can buy Avgas UL91 at the following aerodromes in the United Kingdom:

  • Barton
  • Compton Abbas
  • Gloucester
  • Henstridge
  • North Weald
  • Oaksey Park
  • Old Warren
  • Popham
  • Rochester
  • Sherburn
  • Shobdon
  • Sleap
  • Thruxton
  • Wellesbourne
  • Wycombe/Booker


and in France:

  • Chambley
  • Dinan
  • Gap
  • Le Mans
  • Les Mureaux
  • Macon
  • Montpezat
  • Sezanne
  • Toulouse-Lasborde

Reminder: Every pilot is responsible for ensuring the aircraft and engine is suitable to run on Avgas UL91. Filler cap stickers will be available from Total-supplied airfields. Aerodrome refuelling staff should assist in the prevention of mis-fuelling by double-checking the request for Avgas UL91. If in any doubt, continue to use your existing fuel until the list of approved aircraft is broadened in due course.



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