About Us

Total Bitumen have more than 40 years' experience in the UK market. We have an extensive product range including sustainable and durable products that offer lower working temperatures. Through constant innovation and development we are delivering more added value products and services to our customers.

Total Bitumen offer a wide product range for road construction and industrial applications requirements, including:

  • Styrelf: a patented polymer-modified bitumen technology

  • Emulsis: bitumen emulsions for bond coats, surface dressing and asphalt

  • Kromatis: clear binders for coloured asphalt in a variety of applications including tunnels, traffic-calming areas, car parks, cycle paths and leisure areas, providing improved aesthetics, safety and a reduction of public lighting costs

  • Azalt: Pen bitumen and the ECO2 range of bitumens :low-temperature binders for asphalt mixes; and Azalt Foam: a specific binder for foam-mix processes

We consider sustainability; durability; and lower working temperatures as the 3 cornerstones for our ongoing development.


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