Total Styrelf® has been continuously developed to meet today's changing requirements (processes, products, applications…).

Over the years, it has become a worldwide renowned brand, and has been marketed in the UK as:

  • Total Styrelf X
  • Total Styrelf eXcel
  • Total Styrelf eXtreme
  • Total Styrelf IntaKt
  • Total Styrelf ECO²
  • Total Styrelf GP
Bitumen Styrelf Small

The performance benefits offered by Total Styrelf® make it the ideal binder for heavy duty roads (intense traffic, harsh climatic conditions, etc).

Total Styrelf X Polymer modified bitumen for general purpose asphalt applications
Total Styrelf eXcel Polymer modified bitumen for a wide range of asphalt applications
Total Styrelf eXtreme High performance polymer modified bitumen for challenging applications
Total Styrelf IntaKt Polymer modified bitumen for fuel, hydrocarbon and de-icing resistance
Total Styrelf ECO² Polymer modified bitumen for lower working temperatures
Total Styrelf GP Polymer modified bitumen for racetracks


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