Commercial Fuels

Total is a major supplier of Diesel, Petrol, Gas Oil, Marine Gas Oil, Marine Fuel Oil, Kerosene, Propane, Butane and Fuel Oil for the inland commercial sales markets in the UK. Our customers include power generators, rail freight and rail operating companies, haulage companies, as well as haulage, mining, construction, quarrying and food producing companies.


Heavy, medium and light Fuel Oil is supplied from both our Lindsey Oil Refinery on the Humber and from Warwickshire Oil Storage Limited, a joint-venture fuel storage terminal in the midlands.

To find out more about Nickerson Fuel Oils, who are our specialists in the sale and supply of Fuel Oils, read our dedicated page.


We supply Diesel, Petrol, Gas Oil and Kerosene on an ex-rack and delivered-in basis from our various terminal locations throughout the UK. We supply Propane and Butane ex-rack from Lindsey Oil Refinery, and Marine Fuel Oil is supplied ex-pipe from the Associated Petroleum Terminals jetty complex, in Immingham in the North East.


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