Q - Who are Nickerson Fuel Oils?

A - Nickerson Fuel Oil is a division of Total Lindsey Oil Refinery Limited. We are the UK Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) specialists of the group.


Q - How long have Nickerson been in the HFO market?

A - We have been in the market since 1962.


Q - What products do Nickerson supply?

A - We supply heavy, medium, light and ultra light fuel oils as well as gas oil and kerosene.


Q - What type of customer typically uses our products and what are they used for?

A - We supply fuel to a variety of businesses including power stations, agricultural users, production facilities and warehousing. These products are used for various reasons - power generation, heating (for both warehouses and agricultural use) and production facilities.


Q - Where is Nickerson based?

A - Our fleet is based at Lindsey Oil Refinery in Killingholme near Grimsby. Nickerson also have resources at the oil refinery in Kingsbury Tamworth, to be able to reach a larger geographical field. Administration is run from our commercial sales office in Watford.


Q - What times/days do Nickerson deliver?

A - We pride ourselves on providing a flexible service to all our customers. As such, our dedicated team of drivers are able to make deliveries any time, day or night to suit the needs of your business. 


Q - How much volume does Nickerson supply on an average delivery?

A - Due to Nickerson servicing the industrial market the loads delivered are usually a 31,000ltr full load. However, these load sizes are flexible dependant on your business needs. The minimum load we deliver for any product is 20,000ltrs. 


Q - How do I know if my site is safe to deliver to and whether or not our boilers meet the specification required?

A - A member of the Nickerson team will personally complete a full health and safety inspection of the fill points and the delivery area before we permit any delivery to be made. We also have a technician on hand to answer any technical questions and ensure your boilers can burn our products.  


Q - How do I arrange to place my first order?

A - Just call the office on 01923 427800 and a member of our team will arrange an Area Business Manager to make an appointment to see you and discuss options for product delivery.



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