Total Lubricants products for agriculture

Total has extended its offer of services for agricultural professionals with a complete range of products dedicated entirely to farming equipment. For a concrete and cost-effective response to the demands of an activity forever in need of sophisticated equipment, Total designs innovative products that are tailored to the most recent technological developments.

Our Total range of lubricants for Agriculture  comprises :

  • Fuel Economy lubricants for engines : TRACTAGRI FE and BIOTRAFFIC FE products
  • Fuel Economy lubricants for UTTO* Transmissions: DYNATRANS VX FE
  • Lubricants for Engines : TRACTAGRI products
  • Lubricants for UTTO* Transmissions: DYNATRANS products and BIOTRANS FX
  • Lubricants for Multifunction STOU**: MULTAGRI products
  • Lubricants for transmissions: DYNATRANS DA, TRANSMISSION TM, EP 80W90 and FLUIDE G3 ( BIOTRANS FE products if degradable)· Tractor hydraulic fluid: HYDROFLO and HYDRAGRI products (BIOHYDRAN if degradable)
  • Lubricants for Home farming: PROSYLVA products
  • Coolants: COOLELF AUTO SUPRA -37°C
  • Chainsaw oil: MTC products (CHAINBIO if degradable)
  • Lubricants for milking machines:AGRITRAITE product
  • Greases: CERAN and MULTIS products (BIOMULTIS if degradable)


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