Imagine if you could give your machinery a health check without having to take it apart. No degreasing. No mechanics. No downtime.

ANAC stands for ANAlysis Compared, a service we offer to customers who want to make sure their equipment is running smoothly and diagnose problems before they happen. We use the most advanced equipment and techniques in the industry, we employ specialists specific to your industry, and as a company we have over 45 years of experience analysing oils and greases globally. Consequently, you can rely on our service to:

Compare your engine wear


Identify vehicles where the running costs can be reduced using the diagnosis report, which measures the wear coefficient of your engine compared to all identical ones in our database.

Early detection


Detect problems with engines as soon as they appear and prioritise those that need urgent attention with our colour coded diagnosis report.

Feedback to help you succeed


Discover suggested corrective actions and their probability of success based on statistical analysis of customer feedback.




The major benefits for your fleets:

  • REDUCE your fleet operating costs
  • ANTICIPATE and plan your maintenance schedule
  • INCREASE the lifespan of your vehicles
  • IMPROVE reliability and performance of your fleet
  • OPTIMISE your oil change frequency

The way it works is simple:

  1. You send us samples of in-use lubricants from your machinery.
  2. We’ll analyse them using the latest techniques.
  3. We compare our findings to our extensive database.
  4. And we’ll send you the results and recommendations within 48 hours.

Over 5,000,000 diagnoses since its introduction
Over 250,000 diagnoses / year
Over 500,000 mechanical units monitored
Over 35 years’ experience


By utilising ANAC in conjunction with regular service scheduling, we have doubled the life of our vehicles which also gives us a higher resale value.

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