07/01/2019 News

Total Bitumen at Hanson Safety Week 2018



Hanson is one of our most valued customers. They are a worldwide company specialising in construction materials. Hanson's asphalt division produce an extensive range of innovative materials, many of which incorporate Total's bitumen solutions.

Hanson and TOTAL share common values the paramount one being a strong safety culture. This culture enables all employees to work confidently in a safe environment. Accidents cost lives, heavy fines, business interruption, reputational damage and productivity.  Hanson’s Safety Week is an annual focus on safety, and an opportunity for TOTAL to share our best practices.

How to safely handle bitumen products


Bitumen is not hazardous by nature.  However, due to its high viscosity, it must be kept at high temperatures (in the region of 180 degC) to keep it workable making it hazardous to handle. At ambient temperature, bitumen solidifies, and above 200 degC and you risk producing flammable vapours, introducing an explosive atmosphere.  

You can read more by Euro Bitume.


What we did for Hanson 


“The health and safety of our employees is our number one priority at MQP. Holding a safety week focussed everyone’s attention and understanding on specific themes which were felt to be particularly important currently, including employee health and well-being, the control of respirable crystalline silica and machinery lockout. We were particularly grateful for the assistance of Total to highlight the safe handling of bitumen deliveries on our asphalt plants. This all contributed to the ultimate goal of the business of ‘zero harm’.” David Bagshaw, Managing Director, MQP


Hanson’s zero harm goal 


‘Zero harm’ is one of Hanson’s principles in its Health & Safety Policy.  It is an admirable continuous improvement objective. By conforming to legislation, communicating best practice and safety learnings, continually improving processes, leading safety from the top, and measuring safety performance, Hanson will strive towards this goal.

Hanson and Total working together with shared safety values benefits both parties and our team members. Safety is our number one priority at Total, and you can be sure that whenever you purchase one of our bitumen products, that we have done everything to make sure it was created and delivered using the highest safety standards.