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28/01/2019 News

Total joins the London to Brighton Veteran Car Run

Brighton veteran car run


At Total Lubricants, motoring is a firm part of our DNA. For nearly 100 years, we’ve kept drivers moving with cutting-edge automotive products, but our expertise isn’t just confined to the vehicles of the 20th and 21st centuries, so even today, Total products help run much older vintages.

As part of our commitment to helping every driver enjoy the thrill of being behind the wheel, Total is partners with the Bonhams London to Brighton Veteran Car Run, the world’s longest-running motoring event. Taking place in November each year, the event is one of the automotive calendar’s most fascinating.

What is the London to Brighton Veteran Car Run? 

The first Veteran Car Run took place in 1896 in as a result of the repeat of the Locomotive Acts, British laws that required highway locomotives – cars – to observe 4mph country and 2mph urban speed limits, and always be preceded by a pedestrian holding a red flag.

The replacement Locomotives on Highways Act increased the speed limit to a blistering 14mph and eliminated the pedestrian requirement, leading to Motor Car Club enthusiasts celebrating the repeal by driving from London to Brighton – their first meeting.

Today, the Run continues as a monument to veteran cars built before 1905. Starting out at Hyde Park, the 60-mile route follows the A23 road to Brighton, winding through the picturesque British countryside. A run, but not a race, enthusiast entrants are not permitted to exceed a 20mph speed limit, giving the throngs of spectators lining the route plenty of time to admire the hundreds of trailblazing classics.


London to Brighton Veteran Car Run

How do Total support the event?

As you might imagine, an event featuring some of the oldest cars in existence calls for plenty of technical support, which is where Total Lubricants come in. Each year our experts are on hand manning oil stations at the start of the event, also at the two official half-way stops, providing the veteran vehicles with high-quality oils and mobile welding unit support to keep them chugging.

Along 2018’s route, Total was on hand with ELF HTX oils, specifically, HTX Prestige, developed for classic cars produced between 1900 and the 1950s. A mineral engine lubricant with Multigrade technology to avoid low-temperature oil circulation problems and a high viscosity to minimise oil loss, HTX Prestige SAE 40 grade protects engines from oil pump strain, starvation and flow issues. For veteran cars, its modern technology guarantees proven results.


Brighton veteran car run

The highlights

2018’s London to Brighton Veteran Car Run began with the traditional tearing of a red flag, seeing over 400 vehicles crossing the start line. Heading along the A23 past plenty of crowds gathering for the occasion, the convoy passed through Crawley and stopped to let onlookers get up close and personal with the vehicles, including an 1893 2.5 hp Peugeot, an 1898 Leon Bollee three-wheeler and countless classics from Mercedes, Benz and Ford. There were a few mechanical hiccups, but Total was on hand to keep engines running.

Find out more about Total’s ELF HTX range or contact our experts to discover how they’re designed to help classics run as-new.