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Want to convert more sales prospects before your competitors ever get close? Then talk to us about Total Insight, our specialist software for franchised car dealerships. The application will analyse your web traffic, identifying who is visiting your site but not getting in touch.

It works in real time, producing a Visitor List that reveals the identity of your site visitors. Total Insight will pull in information about them, generating contact details including:

  • Business name
  • Location
  • Web address
  • Telephone number

Feed this data across to your sales team and they can start selling your products and services to them in an instant – including a Total oil change!

See who is on your website

insight 1.png

Identify potential customers browsing your equipment and plant hire services, and view their business details at a glance along with key financial information.


See the customer’s journey

insight 2.png

Map a visitor’s journey through your website to pinpoint pages visited as well as any content downloaded

Generate actionable sales leads

insight 3.png

Empower your sales team with the insight they need whilst your prospects are in the market for your services




  • Actionable leads at your fingertips
  • Identify hot prospects instantly
  • Target smarter and convert faster
  • Maximise your marketing ROI
The fact that we were able to achieve a 900% return on investment is unbelievable.

One of our Total Insight users