Let your oil do the talking and save money

Oil circulating in the heart of your equipment is the pointer to it’s health. From a sample collected without dismantling or stopping the machine, you can avoid unexpected shutdowns, consequent financial loss and costly emergency repairs. By analysing a sample of oil, our experts can monitor your engine reliability; helping you to optimise machine maintenance and reduce down time.

Anticipate to win

A successful oil analysis program allows you to switch from curative to predictive maintenance. You can plan production stoppages for maintenance at the best time. You can optimize the life of parts and lubricants in service. Finally, you improve your machines’ productivity and your maintenance costs.

Choose reliability

ANAC INDUS oil analyses are done in our own laboratories. You benefit from our 30 years of expertise in fluids diagnosis. We are the best choice to assess the residual performance of TOTAL lubricants in service, because we design their formulation. As every industrial process is specific, you can rely on our specialists to recommend a program of oil analyses, dependant on your equipment and conditions of operation.

Guarantee efficiency

Order a complete analysis kit containing bottles for sampling, stickers, datasheets and printed wrap. As soon as ready, your diagnosis is available for consultation on a secure extranet. The results are also sent to you by mail, e-mail and even fax in case of emergency. If you use our maintenance software TIG XP 5, the results can be directly imported to follow the history of your analyses and therefore plan maintenance.

Your benefits with ANAC INDUS:

  • Maintenance cost savings
  • Decrease of production stoppages
  • Planning of maintenance operation
  • Reliability and optimum performance of equipment
  • Longer lifetime of machines
  • Extended oil drain intervals


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