From unleaded petrol and diesel through to LPG and fuel oils, we supply a range of high quality commercial fuels manufactured to the latest specifications to meet the needs of our automotive, industrial, agricultural and retail customers. We are one of the UK’s leading suppliers, and at the Total Lindsey Oil Refinery on the Humber we refine over 5 billion litres of fuel. The plant has recently been updated, with significant investment ensuring we can continue to bring you the high quality products and flexible, customer-focused services you can rely on.

As a leading supplier of diesel, we facilitate all types of road transportation including passenger cars, delivery vehicles, haulage and logistics, and public transport. Diesel is a mainstay fuel off road too powering construction, earthmoving and agricultural equipment. Our Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel always meets the BS EN950 standard and is available from the rack at Total Lindsey Oil Refinery.

The petrol stations run by some of Britain’s leading supermarkets stock petrol and diesel refined by Total, including our Premium Unleaded (PU10) and Super Unleaded (SU10) products. These can be collected ex-rack from Total Lindsey Oil Refinery. These fuels have ultra low sulphur content.


Gas oil

Used primarily for agricultural machinery and for rail locomotives, our high quality gas oil has zero sulphur content and meets BS 2869:2010 - Class A2 standard. Like all UK gas oil, it is dyed red for HMRC dip testing purposes.

We sell kerosene into the distributor market for use in domestic lamps, heaters and stoves. And, of course, it is sold for the aviation market as our Jet A-1 fuel for turbine jet engines. With a maximum sulphur content of 1000ppm, our kerosene meets BS2869: Class C2 requirements.

Propane refined at Total Lindsey Oil Refinery is pressurised to form Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), which is used for off-grid heating systems, as a motor fuel in some vehicles, and for cooking – including gas barbeques. Our LPG (Propane) meets BS 4250 standard and is available ex-rack at the refinery.


Liquefied Petroleum Gas (Butane)

Like our LPG (Propane), our butane product meets BS 4250 standard and is available ex-rack from Total Lindsey Oil Refinery. LPG has some key advantages when used as a motor fuel, including low carbon monoxide emissions at high engine loads. It is non-toxic and non-corrosive, and free of the particulates found in fuel oils.

Total supports maritime industries by supplying high quality marine fuel oil meeting ISO 8217:2010 – RMG 380.

Our light fuel oil meets British Standard 2869 - Class E and has low sulphur content. Total fuel oils are used in a range of industries, particularly to fire large power stations.


Medium fuel oil

Meeting the requirements of BS 2869 – Class F, our medium fuel oil is available by road from Total Lindsey Oil Refinery on the Humber, and at Warwickshire Oil Storage Ltd in Tamworth. It is a residual fuel oil, supplied at high viscosity and requiring heating before burning.


Heavy fuel oil

Total Lindsey Oil Refinery is one of only two UK refineries to produce heavy fuel oil, and we are the only company able to supply it by rail. Total’s heavy fuel oil contains 1% sulphur and meets British Standard 2869 - Class G.