Since 2006, new trucks have been fitted with catalytic reduction systems that require AdBlue®. Today, some cars on the market now use AdBlue® as well. To support our customers in the automotive sector, Total supplies AdBlue® in a variety of delivery options. Why not just add it to your order?

AdBlue® is available from us in 5L and 10L packs, as well as barrels, IBCs and bulk.

Why use AdBlue®?

Due to stricter emissions regulations, Euro 4, 5 and 6 engines are taxed on emissions. Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology is used by many manufacturers to reduce diesel emissions resulting in lower vehicle tax.

What does it do?

AdBlue® is an aqueous synthetic urea additive that works with the SCR to convert pollutants into water vapour and non-harmful nitrogen. It also aids fuel economy.

How do I use it?


It’s added to the engine via a separate filler cap, which is often next to the fuel cap. About 3L of AdBlue® are consumed per 100L of fuel. As well as trucks, busses and other commercial vehicles all use AdBlue®, as well as some cars.






  • Store AdBlue® away from the light.
  • Beyond 30°C, AdBlue® starts decomposing.
  • AdBlue® freezes at -11°C. The automatic warming system of the vehicle allows to make it become liquid again within 20 minutes after engine start. During this time, the vehicle can be operated normally.
  • If AdBlue® is stored outside the vehicle’s tank, gently thaw it, it can then be used normally again.
  • Keep the AdBlue® equipment clean, away from dust and dirt.
  • AdBlue® shelf life is minimum 12 months if it is stored at a temperature below 30°C.
  • Only use AdBlue® delivered into dedicated and sealed AdBlue® packaging.
  • AdBlue® is classified as non-hazardous: in case of contact with skin or clothes, the recommendation is to rinse with water.
  • AdBlue® can have a corrosive action on certain metals: in case of spilling, rinse with water.
  • Do not use equipment (canisters, etc.) used for other liquids to refill or store AdBlue®.
  • Close tightly the AdBlue® tank and canister after refill.


Diaxol – developing the technology today for tomorrow’s demands

TOTAL has developed a new product to meet the increasing demands of the fleet market - Diaxol - an additive dissolved in AdBlue® for cleaning SCR denox systems which is added to AdBlue® to improve its properties in frequent stopping and cold climate situations. 

Diaxol will prolong the life of diesel fleets and dramatically reduce exhaust clogging due to crystallisation deposits. Tests have shown that vehicles using Diaxol can drive for 50,000 kilometres without any clogging issues.

Due to Diaxol’s preventative effect, there is a reduced requirement for maintenance of the SCR system.

Diaxol is a revolutionary technology for fleets including buses, coaches and HGVs. Our estimations show that these sorts of vehicles experience exhaust clogging issues up to 40% of the time.