Product Description

From oil and gas production through to wind turbines and transformers, Total provides solutions for the energy industry with a full range of high quality lubricants. Where reliability and efficiency are crucial, our products reduce downtime and maintenance costs, while boosting productivity and lengthening equipment lifetimes.

With our dedicated supply chain, you can count on Total to deliver on time in drums or bulk. We provide technical support such as first fill guidance, specialised filtration services and management of waste oil.

Our ANAC service can help you troubleshoot machinery by simply analysing its lubricant, preventing major damage down the line. We can also provide technical support on health and safety procedures, and we provide a range of biodegradable products to protect the environment.

Products Applications

Our TURBINE OILS range at a glance

Our TURBINE OILS range at a glance


Our Applications for OIL & GAS

Our Applications for OIL & GAS


Our GAS ENGINE range at a glance

Our GAS ENGINE range at a glance


Our Applications for TRANSFORMERS

Our Applications for TRANSFORMERS


Our Applications for WINDMILLS

Our Applications for WINDMILLS


They Trust us

Our approvals

Approvals for Preslia turbine oils

General Electric GEK 28143B, GEK 32568G, GEK 27070, GEK 46506E, GEK107395A, GEK 101941A
MAN Diesel &Turbo SPD10000494596, SPD 10000242284
Siemens TLV 901304, TLV 901305
Solar ES 9-224 W Class II

Approvals for Nateria gas engine oils

Caterpillar Series 3500
Waukesha APG 2000/3000
Wärtsilä 220 SG, 25 SG, 28 SG, 34 SG, 32 DF, 50 DF
MTU Natural & biogas,BR 400 & 4000
CES/MWM Sulphate ash content up to 0.5 wt.%


What our customer say?

Since 2012, Total Lubricants has been one of our main lubricant suppliers. Total Nateria NP 40 is used on our gas engine, a GE Jenbacher GMS 412 GS N/LC running on natural gas with an oil volume of 350 litres. The average lifetime of the oil is 1800 to 2300 hours, and the oil is monitored using the Total ANAC gas oil diagnosis service. we are satisfied with Total’s comprehensive offering. Total has proven its ability to manage our regular lubricant supply to the highest safety standards, with satisfactory lead times and delivery conditions that meet our expectations. Nateria MP 40 has been used for over 19,000 hours in our gas engine. It has continuously contributed to the protection and good lubrication of our equipment.

Department Head of Techincal Service One of the leading power supplier

In recognition of the outstanding support services provided by Total, Hyundai Heavy Industries Co, Ltd certifies that the supply and service for our Riyadh PP-11 project in Saudi Arabia has been commendable. The turbine lubricants used are Total Preslia 32 for gas and steam turbines, and Total Hydransafe FR NSG 38 for the turbine control valves. We thank the Total team for their support and assistance.

General Affairs Manager One of the leading heavy Industrial companies