Our Solane product range is excellent for formulating adhesives. Our Solane range offers customers excellent purity, superb technical performance, and ultra low aromatics. These products play a key role in the manufacture of a wide variety of sealants and adhesives used around the world.

Solane products are mainly used to dissolve various types of binders and polymers both for easier application and to make a strong bond in the adhesive substance being made. They can also improve its drying properties, and offer potential to save time and money in both manufacturing and end use.



Product specifications

Our Solane hydrocarbon solvents are special boiling point (SBP) aliphatic spirits. At a molecular level, they consist of hydrocarbons with between 5 and 10 carbon atoms and have a distillation range between 30°C-160°C.

Levels of aromatic compounds found in our Solane solvents are well below safe regulatory levels for toxicology and ecotoxicology, at less than 20ppm. We guarantee benzene content below 5ppm, but in reality most of our Solane products contain less than 1ppm.

Below is a list of Solane products, along with their main uses:

  • Solane Pentane - Blowing agent for expandable polymers, aerosols.
  • Solane Isohexane - Adhesives, extracting agents, aerosols, synthesis.
  • Solane Hexane - Extraction of oil from oil seeds for the food and perfume industries, rendering, adhesives, polymerisation.
  • Solane Heptane - Glues, adhesives, tyres, cleaning products.
  • Solane 60 – 95 - Glues, stain removal, adhesives.
  • Solane 70 – 95 - Cleaning products, rubbers, adhesives.
  • Solane 80 – 110 - Chemical synthesis, paints, coatings, glues, adhesives, rubbers.
  • Solane 100 – 120 - Tyres, rubbers, adhesives.
  • Solane 100 – 140 - Tyres, rubbers, adhesives.
  • Solane 100 – 155 - Tyres, rubbers, adhesives.
  • Solane Cyclopentane - Aerosols, adhesives, synthetic resins, foams.
  • Solane Cyclohexane - Chemistry, pharmaceuticals, nylons, adipic acids, caprolactam.
  • Solane Methyl Cyclohexane - Paints, coatings, adhesives, chemistry, pharmaceuticals, rubbers.


Application and benefits

You’ll find our Solane products in everything from tyres to aerosols, from paints to cosmetics, and plenty more. In manufacturing, we have customers involved in the automotive, wood and timber, furnishing, leather and footwear, packaging and electronics sectors. Adhesives also have an increasingly important role to play in modern building and construction.

There are three main groups of adhesives where our products can be found: contact adhesives are used for footwear and construction assembly, pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSAs) are used mainly for tapes and labels, and hot melt PSAs are used in industrial manufacturing.


Key benefits of the Solane range include:

  • Multiple products to meet your application needs.
  • Consistent and predictable process performance.
  • Meeting and exceeding legislative regulations, while maintaining the benefits of solvent-based formulations.
  • Reduced worker exposure to hazardous chemicals.



For over a decade we have been producing Hydroseal, a range of hydrocarbon fluids tailored specifically for the manufacture of silicone sealants. Unlike silicone oils, these organic plasticisers offer an extremely pure option – with very low aromatic content. They can help you both reduce your costs, and produce high quality sealants in a number of categories that meet the needs of your consumer

Product specifications

The Hydroseal range includes dearomatised aliphatic fluids, specially developed for the formulation of silicone sealants. These include:

  • Hydroseal G400H – for the highest grade, professional quality silicone sealant products.
  • Hydroseal G285H – an ideal compromise between professional quality, flexibility in application, and affordability.
  • Hydroseal G3H – the standard for bathroom, glazing and multi-purpose sealant products.
  • Hydroseal G250H and G232H – two products designed for entry-level DIY sealant solutions.

The range also includes hydroisomerised aliphatic fluids, which are an excellent option for managing low temperature fluidity and reducing volatile organic compounds in the final product.

Hydroseal G290H and G340H – used to adjust the fluidity and VOC content of the product to meet building industry requirement.

Hydroseal products have very low polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) content, and are not considered to be volatile organic compounds (VOCs) under EU directive 1999/13.


Applications and benefits

Hydroseal organic plasticisers are used by leading manufacturers to produce a whole variety of sealant products for the UK market. Hydroseal products are a preferred choice because they:

  • Reduce formulation costs.
  • Help reduce yellowing problems often associated with organic plasticisers.
  • Improve transparency in the finished product.
  • Facilitate smoother extrusion and more flexible application.
  • Minimise recurring shrinkage.
  • Meet stringent regulations for building products.