18/05/2018 News

Five unusual Total products that you might not have heard of

Total five unusual products


Total is well known for automotive and industrial lubricants. But some people don’t realise we are also an energy provider, and we make all sorts of interesting solutions for use in anything from chainsaws to cosmetics.


Below are five examples of Total products that you might not have heard of…


1.      Racetrack Bitumen 


Fun fact: Total Styrelf GP was the bitumen used to construct the Formula One racetrack in Monaco – it’s a worldwide reference used in the construction of numerous race circuits. We also manufactured special bitumen for the complete restoration of the 2.4km Luc en Provence race circuit. This project was completed in record time – just four days!


2.      Chainsaw Oil 


Using a chainsaw can be dangerous. So it’s good to know that Total chainsaw oil delivers outstanding protection against wear and tear on the chassis and equipment, and protects the chain at the same time – keeping you as safe as possible at all times. It also helps to prevent chainsaw failure, extending the life of the chain and improves the cutting performance, which increase the reliability of your equipment.


3.      Crop Protection 


Total products have been used to protect crops against insects and plant diseases for over 30 years. Our paraffin oils prevent insect eggs and larvae from hatching by covering them in a film; and some can be used as highly effective fungicides. Other products in our range are designed for use as adjuvants, which must be carefully diluted and mixed with other fungicide products, in order to help stop destructive funguses from killing crops.


4.      Wood and Paper Manufacturing Lubricants 


In wood and paper processing, stoppages cost money. So your equipment needs to be up and running in order to stay profitable. Total products for paper processing, wood panelling and pelleting are designed to work effectively, even under high temperatures, high pressures and extreme moisture levels. Making paper isn’t as easy as you thought!


5.      Isoparaffins 


Did you know? Total products can be found in some soaps. Our Isane range of isoparaffins delivers excellent performance in a wide range of applications, with high levels of purity, low odour and low surface tension. These products are relatively inert, which means they are ideal for use in formulating paints, inks, resins, aerosols, soaps and much more.


Quality runs throughout Total, from our popular automotive lubricants, to highly effective fungicides, to full-blown Formula One tracks! We’re a diverse company with a simply massive selection of products that span a range of industries – some of which you have probably never even heard of...