27/11/2018 News

Gyro Air Displays: Air Total takes flight




There really are few things better than an air show. Sonic booms, venerable classics and jaw-dropping acrobatics make them fantastic days out, but there’s one exciting addition to the programme that’s less understood than propeller planes and fighter jets: gyroplanes.


Partnering with accomplished air show operator Gyro Air Displays, Total is well-versed in the ins and outs of these exciting, gravity-defying machines – just one of the ways we support the aviation industry.


What are gyroplanes? 


Gyroplanes, also known as gyrocopters, autogyros or gyros, are rotorcraft that use an unpowered rotor. This rotor still generates lift due to the effect of the air flowing through it – similar to a sycamore seed spinning through the air – while direction and thrust are provided by a rear (occasionally front) propeller.


While gyroplanes don’t travel quickly – the UK maximum airspeed is 70mph (61 knots) – they are capable of fantastic acrobatic feats just meters away from audiences! Each show features plenty of smoke displays, high-G manoeuvres, hands-free piloting and much more, making autogyros unique additions to any air show!


Total and Gyro Air Displays


Air Total work alongside hundreds of airfields and airports across the world, providing AVGAS UL91 fuel for sports and general aviation markets. Air show fans ourselves, we chose to partner with Gyro Air Displays and its experienced pilot Peter Davies, providing high-quality Total fuel and smoke oil.


Peter has over 32 years of flying experience and 22 years (2,500+ hours) behind the stick of a gyro, during which he has flown at notable shows including Paris, Biggin Hill, Farnborough, Blackpool and Manchester. He won the 1994 Around the World Air Race and has a world distance record too, making him the perfect partner!


Gyro Air Displays are all about up-close-and-personal excitement, buzzing the crowd close and quick, interacting with them and developing a pilot-audience rapport that you simply don’t get from aircraft zooming past at 1000ft!


Total’s range of aircraft fuels 


Total has a wide selection of aviation fuels, each providing exceptional performance alongside many other benefits.


  • AVGAS UL 91 – Colourless, unleaded fuel for sports and general aviation aircraft, covering a huge range of engines.
  • AVGAS 100LL – High-quality piston engine fuel, with low-lead formulation and excellent performance.
  • JET A-1 – Jet turbine fuel with exceptional flash and freezing points, used throughout the world by all major aircraft.
  • JET F-34 - Military-grade turbine engine fuel with lubricating and anti-fungal additives.

Total Aviation has been developing aviation fuels and lubricants and providing them to the world’s airfields and airports for decades. Safe and reliable, they allow aviators to reach new heights of performance and efficiency – find out more.