25/06/2018 News

A beginner’s guide to Total’s industrial lubricants



Did you know that Total produces over 400 lubricants for different industrial applications, all designed to ensure optimum performance, and extend the operational life of your equipment?


From energy and power, to wood and paper processing, from aviation to automotive manufacturing – hundreds of businesses worldwide rely on Total’s industrial lubricants every single day.


In this post, we’ll talk you through a brief outline of the different industries in which our lubricants are used, so you can get a better idea of the industrial lubricant offerings.  


Energy and Power Industrial Lubricants 


From turbines to transformers, generators to gears, we have a complete range of lubricants to address the needs of the energy and power industry.


But it is not just a suite of products, as Total provides the support your business needs to be efficient, with a dedicated team offering specialised filtration services, waste management and expert guidance. Safety is paramount for our customers, and Total works to the very highest of standards.


The range includes hydro, steam and gas turbine oil lubricants, gas engine coolant lubricants, transformer oil lubricant, windmill lubricants and several applications for oil and gas production.


Our energy and power products include biodegradable elements to help protect the long-term environment.


Food Processing Industrial Lubricants 


Total supports the food processing industry with our range of Nevastane food-safe lubricants. This includes oils, greases and aerosols, being the only food processing lubricant supplier to provide for all applications in the market.


There is no risk to the public from lubricant contamination, no compounds of animal origin, no allergens, no GMO ingredients, plus Kosher and Halal certification – our Nevastane lubricants meet NSF H1 and ISO21469 standards. This provides peace of mind for both businesses and end consumers alike.


Once again, safety and customer satisfaction are Total’s top priorities. All of our lubricants are supported by our specific food processing team, who offer food lubricant safety audits with on-site training, hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP) principles. It is all backed up by our TIG 6 software for lubrication and machine maintenance.


With Total, when it comes to food processing, you can be confident that your businesses has the range and support it needs to operate smoothly and safely.


Metalworking and Machining Industrial Lubricants 


Rolling, forming, quenching, cutting and more – for optimum machining efficiency you need to take care of your equipment and your workforce.


We’ve reduced VOCs, odours and dangerous substances across our range of metalworking and machining lubricants. Our aim is to make sure your business shotens production cycles, extends tool lifetime, reduces fuel consumption and decreases waste. This enhances your core business, the products created and lessens the impact of production.


As always with Total, we support our industrial lubricants with comprehensive technical support and advice, from trained personnel — helping your operation from beginning to end.

Automotive Manufacturing Industrial Lubricants 


With just in time supply chains, there can be no hold-ups in productivity — so automotive manufacturers need high quality lubricants to keep machinery running smoothly.


We offer a variety of lubricants for every automotive manufacturing process from forming car bodies to casting engines, from heat exchangers to tyres. When it comes to producing cars and vans, think Total.

Cement and Materials Industrial Lubricants 


Total’s solutions for the cement and materials industry are highly durable; formulated to work effectively under extreme temperatures, heavy loads and high pressures.


They also protect and extend the working life of your equipment and minimise the risk of stoppages. Our products for this sector include RUBIA engine oil for earthmoving vehicles and coolant, greases and oils used for the production of cement.

Chemical Processing Industrial Lubricants 


Total is Europe’s leading supplier of lubricants and fluids to the chemical processing industry, delivering high quality products that comply with environmental, hygiene, and health and safety regulations.


Designed for durability, our chemical processing lubricants are ideal for when flammable, toxic and corrosive compounds are in use.


Steel Industrial Lubricants 


Total is the partner of choice for steel operations in the UK and around the world.


Our steel industry lubricants ensure lower grease consumption and fewer bearing failures – which increases your business productivity and lowers maintenance costs.


Wood and Paper Industrial Lubricants 


The wood and paper processing industry presents specific challenges for its lubricants – high temperatures, high pressures and extreme moisture levels.


With comprehensive R&D, our lubricants for the wood and paper industry have been designed to optimise performance and enhance the service life of your equipment under these specific conditions.

As you can see, Total covers a wide range of different industries with specifically formed lubricants to match exact requirements. Visit our industrial lubricants page to find out more about how Total products can help to optimise your business operations and get in touch with us today.