13/11/2018 News

Total UK launches ‘LubInstitute’ lubricants training course

Total Lubricants has launched LubInstitute, a certified training course designed to improve industrial operational efficiency and reduce costs.

LubInstitute, which has been devised and developed in-house by Total, aims to help businesses enhance and improve the capabilities of employees who are involved in lubricants, across all market sectors. The tailored and highly interactive training course is delivered in person by Total Lubricants’ technical experts and supported by a dedicated e-learning platform.


It contains a foundation module focusing on lubricants’ composition, application and issues related to their use, that can be tailored to participants’ varying levels of understanding. The foundation module is followed by a selection of tailored modules, including common machine lubrication, turbine lubrication, food-safe and biodegradable lubricants, advanced troubleshooting, stocking and handling lubricants, bearing lubrication, oil condition monitoring and metalworking.

LubInstitute is the brainchild of Total Lubricants’ technical key account manager, Gautier Perrin. After achieving two Master of Science (MSc) degrees at prestigious French institutions Chimie ParisTech and the IFP School, Gautier has rapidly become an expert in lubricants, winning the 2016 UK Lubricants Association’s Young Employee of the Year Award and the 2017 Total Innovation Award. 


Gautier Perrin

Gautier said: “The LubInstitute course is aimed at anyone working with lubricants who wants to keep their machinery operating at optimum efficiency, while reducing costs and developing best practice.

“By learning how to choose the appropriate lubricant and how to monitor the health of industrial equipment, LubInstitute will help businesses eradicate costly failures.”

LubInstitute can benefit a range of professionals, including lubrication and maintenance managers, condition monitoring specialists, operations managers, plant managers, and individuals involved in purchasing, stocking and dispensing lubricants.

In addition to training, to further optimise the productivity and efficiency of customers’ equipment, Total offers a range of value-added services. These include ANAC (Analysis Compared), its oil analysis service that helps identify and prevent engine health issues before they escalate into serious problems, and VisioStock, which, for those operators that keep a stock of oils or other lubricants onsite, continually monitors tank levels and provides real-time status updates, ensuring tanks never run dry.

Find out more about Total LubInstitute today. Please call 01977 636302, email [email protected] or visit https://www.total.co.uk/.