19/12/2018 News

To-To-To: the TOTAL products you just might encounter this Christmas

We understand that Total probably isn’t the first business that springs to your mind when you think of Christmas, but we’ve got more in common with the festive season than you might think. From trips to see family to stocking-fillers, all the way to getting ready for the work Christmas party, there are plenty of Total products that help make the holidays.

TOTAL QUARTZ – For those Christmas journeys 


Driving home for Christmas? The TOTAL QUARTZ range of car engine oils are used in vehicles up and down the country’s roads, providing minimal friction and wear, a boost to fuel economy and – most importantly – better cold-start performance. They’re perfect for ensuring that your Boxing Day journey to visit family ends with a glass of port and a mince pie, not a chilly trip home in the cab of a tow truck.


Aviation products – Flying home for Christmas 



Heading further abroad to see family or planning on gifting a scenic trip in a light aircraft? Total has a wide range of products used by aviators, including JET A-1 jet fuel, AVGAS UL91 and the Aero range of aircraft lubricants, used by over 200 international airports around the world and 500 regional European airports. That means chances are, your aircraft will be refuelled or kept in peak working order by TOTAL products.

Cosmetics – Under the Christmas tree 


We caution you not to directly apply TOTAL Azalt as eye shadow, but don’t completely discount Total for your beauty needs. TOTAL Gemseal speciality alkanes are a range of stable and biodegradable emollients used in the manufacture of cosmetics including sunscreen, haircare, skincare, hygiene and make up products. Completely safe for skin and with a low environmental impact, this year they’ll find their way into countless Christmas stockings across the world.

Bitumen – Paving the roads with presents 



During that same drive, there’s also a pretty high chance you’ll roll over a road made using Total bitumen. Products such as Azalt, manufactured in the UK; Azalt ECO² warm-mix binder; and TOTAL Styrelf, Europe’s leading elastomeric polymer modified binder, are used across the UK’s road network, helping drivers everywhere get where they need to be during the Christmas holidays.

Solvents for adhesives – the glue that sticks your family together 


From the sticky tape used to wrap presents, to helping put Airfix models together, glues are used across a huge number of products during Christmas. Here at Total, our Solane hydrocarbon solvent range finds its way into many of these adhesives, being used to dissolve binders and polymers, offering great performance while exceeding the demands of safety regulations.


Van lubricants – Powering Santa’s sleigh 



With new van registrations skyrocketing by nearly 10% in recent months, there’s a chance you might be the lucky recipient of an LCV this Christmas (if there’s a van-shaped present on your driveway that’s a big giveaway – no peeking though). If that’s the case, Total has a wide range of van lubricants, coolants and oils designed to keep vans running efficiently – powering the fleets of vans delivering Christmas presents fleets, too, just in case you’re not lucky enough to find an LCV under your tree.

These are just some of the wide range of Total products that help make Christmas magical. For more information, please contact our team. Merry Christmas!