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Total’s racing heritage spans over 45 years, with hundreds of successes and many FIA World Champion titles, ensuring we guarantee the best performance of our engine oils.

From the arduous conditions of the desert, the harshest mountain terrain, to the famous exhilarating racing circuits, Total has endured them all. Whilst other engine lubricants may under perform in such  extreme environments; they have been the ideal test bed for TOTAL QUARTZ. In fact, the engineers who have developed our competition oils have also developed our TOTAL QUARTZ lubricants range, creating an advanced technology that gives the best engine protection and ensures optimal performance from the race track to your car.

Rally raid lub

Rally Raid

From arduous desert conditions of high temperatures, sand and dust in Rally Raid, ...
Aston Martin car

Endurance race

Endurance is the greatest test of the engine’s longevity and performance. ...
World Rally Championship

World Rally Championship

Working in high temperatures across differing road and ground conditions, on loose ...

Total Quartz - Tested from the track, available to everyone

Total Quartz

Our expertise in competition racing has allowed us to develop TOTAL QUARTZ engine oils that meet the strictest standards of engine protection and performance even in the most arduous weather conditions.









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