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05/09/2018 News

Total UK releases newly optimised online UK lubricant catalogue

Total UK New Online Lubricant Catalogue


Total produces a huge range of lubricants for all manner of vehicles, machines and industries, helping businesses make their equipment function more safely and efficiently, optimising their operations.


For lubricant customers, getting hold of the correct oils has never been easier, all thanks to the release of Total UK’s brand-new online UK lubricant catalogue. After studying the old catalogue and considering customer feedback, the new lubrication portal is even more simple and easy to use – read on to learn more about the new improvements.


Lubricant quick search 


Customers can now access the catalogue from the Total UK homepage, or via the Quick Links menu. On arrival, customers that know exactly the lubricant they need can now quickly find what they’re looking for thanks to the catalogue’s new quick search function – simply type a keyword and the search box will suggest the right products.


Simplified user navigation


For those browsing the product range, navigating across the entire product range have never been easier.


Upon entering the catalogue, users can filter by lubricant type, then filter by product application, business line, brand name, market segment, viscosity grade and application benefit.


What’s more, the site has now been streamlined and optimised to work quicker than ever, saving users time – essential for busy garages, workshops, distributors or fleet managers.


Extra lubricant products 


The range of products listed in the catalogue includes all UK available products, giving users access to a comprehensive selection of lubricants across all applications, including both Total and Elf product brands.


More information 


Once users have found the best lubricant for their needs, they can access a technical datasheet covering the product’s applications, performance, customer benefits and technical characteristics to help them make the right choice.


Safety Data Sheets are also available, for users seeking the properties of the lubricant, it’s storage and handling conditions, and any international classifications it falls under. This helps with the creation of risk assessments, adaptation of workplaces and adherence to regulatory requirements.

Visit Total UK’s brand-new online lubrication catalogue, or contact the team for more information.