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03/08/2018 News

Traversee de Paris

Have you heard about the Traversée de Paris? Every year, in summer and winter, the Traversée de Paris brings together several hundred vehicles of all brands and eras during a parade through the streets of Paris. Ready ... On your marks ... This year the event was held on July 22, 2018.

For 11 years, this crazy trip brings together enthusiasts and fans of cars, motorcycles, buses, agricultural tractors ...  It is an essential event for lovers of old cars, the Traversée de Paris Estivale travels the streets of the capital on more than 28 km between the Castle of Vincennes and Meudon.

Organized by "Vincennes in Ancient", La Traversée de Paris also offers an exhibition of vintage cars. 2018 will honor the French or foreign brands of cars and motorbikes which have almost disappeared.  This is an opportunity to rediscover classic cars and the wealth of our mobile heritage. Alvis, American LaFrance, De Dion Button, Delage, Delahaye, Gnome and Rhone, Motobecane, Pontiac, Rosengart, Simca, Terrot, Turcat-Mery, The Zebra, Zundapp ... these names are certainly unknown or maybe perhaps familiar to you! In any case, they sometimes embody the elegance, progress or democratization of the automobile.

Here, the Rolls tutelage, the 2CV and eras mingle in between them.  A unique procession invites you for an unusual show. In future, we strongly advise you to reserve your place in one of the platform buses or to position yourself in one of the streets along the course. It is an event and a moment of sharing between professionals, amateurs and enthusiasts where we travel in the mobile world through the ages.

Total, being the premium sponsor of this event and who has also introduced a new range of lubricants (HTX Classic) designed for Classic cars in collectable cans, brings you some of the highlights of the recent Traversée de Paris.  Enjoy!