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Total ChargePoint EV network

Total partners with ChargePoint to develop UK EV infrastructure

Up until recently, the mass adoption of hybrid and electric vehicles was viewed as a distinctly future development...

Electric and Hybrid cars, vans and trucks

The current state and growth of electric vehicles in the UK

Alternatively fuelled vehicles (AFVs) such as battery electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrids are currently the focus of a global innovation drive...

TOTAL FOLIA manufacturing

Eight reasons why TOTAL FOLIA can revolutionise your manufacturing business

Metalworking operations involve extremes of pressure, heat and load, but without the right lubricants and coolants...

Total Folia technology

Total Brings TOTAL FOLIA to Market

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Total ChargePoint EV network

Your guide to the 2019 motorsport season

Don’t let Lewis Hamilton’s recent domination of Formula 1 make you think that there isn’t close competition in the world of motorsport. 

Total crop protection environment sustainability

How Total’s crop protection paraffin oils boost yields without impacting the environment

Total is committed to sustainability. That's why our paraffin oil for farm use is designed to boost yields without decrementing the environment. Find out more, today.

Coolest Aston Martin Cars

Top five coolest Aston Martin cars

From 1950s race cars to the upcoming Valkyrie, Total looks at five key Aston Martin cars. These are what we think are the coolest cars from the carmaker’s last 106 years.

Brighton veteran car run

Total joins the London to Brighton Veteran Car Run

Total supported the London to Brighton Veteran Car Run, showcasing the ELF HTX classic car oil, also suitable for vintage vehicles. 

Total winter driving

How Total lubricants help drivers in the harshest winter conditions

To help motorists and businesses keep driving through the worst weather, Total has a long list of products designed to cope and tackle the most freezing, treacherous conditions.

Total Bitumen Hanson Safety Week 2018

Total Bitumen at Hanson Safety Week 2018

Hanson is one of our most valued customers. They are a worldwide company specialising in construction materials.