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Total sponsors The Royal Automobile Club Historic Awards 2019

The Royal Automobile Club is at the very heart of the UK’s classic automotive culture, and luckily for fans of vintage vehicles, it is hosting its first ever Historic Awards next month. Here’s everything you need to know about the event.

Total celebrates Citroën centennial: we look back at 100 years of automotive excellence

For more than 50 years, Total and Citroën have worked together to develop boundary-breaking lubricants and achieve success after success in motorsport, and this year it is a pleasure for us to celebrate Citroën’s 100-year anniversary. Since 1919, the international automotive brand has been breaking boundaries – looking back, we explore some of our favourite highlights from the company’s storied history.

Total UK Bitumen Sponsor Highways Excellence Awards

Total UK Bitumen Division are pleased to sponsor this year’s UK Highways Awards, at a gala event at the Royal Lancaster, London on October 9th.

The ultimate guide to car oil

Car oil is crucial to your engine, and without it, a whole host of engine systems can be damaged – some irreparably. What is it, what types of car oil are there, what car oil does your vehicle need, how do you check it, and how do you top up and change car oil? Understand it all in our ultimate guide to car oil.

What happens if you put too much oil in your car?

Engines need to be topped up with oil to keep them well-lubricated and safe from damage, wear and corrosion. But what happens if you put too much oil in your vehicle during a lubricant top-up or change?

How do oil additives work?

Engine oils, greases and lubricants have come a long way from the viscous mineral oils of yesteryear. Today’s equipment and vehicles are lubricated with highly formulated oils featuring synthetic chemical compounds and oil additives to push their capabilities even further. But what are oil additives and how do they work to protect components and enhance performance?

Total ELF and The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride celebrate classic and vintage motorcycling style

When people think of motorcycling, all too often thoughts drift to lightning-fast superbikes or brash cruisers. But away from these heavyweights are a whole host of distinguished two-wheeled classics, owned by riders just as fanatic about their machines as any Hells Angel.

The differences between gear oil grades

If you’re looking for a gear oil that will protect your gearbox and/or transmission, you need to make sure your oil has the correct grade. While this can be found out via Total Lub Advisor or your owner’s manual, it’s worth understanding the meaning behind and differences between gear oil grades. Here’s everything you need to know, from base oil grades, to additives, to common gearbox oil grading systems.

When and how to check and change your gear oil and filter

Your gear oil is constantly working to reduce the stresses placed on your gearbox, keeping it operating at its peak.

How does Total Aviation’s fuel logistics crew keep their cool during high-pressure operations?

Supplying aviation fuel to countless airports across the world, Total Aviation’s fuel logistics team must tackle their fair share of high-pressure situations as they ensure the airports and airfields that use Total’s fuels can cope with demand. But what issues do they come across, and how do they make sure that aviators stay soaring?