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The world’s first unmade runway private jet begins testing, using Total fuel

The Pilatus PC-24 aircraft is the world's first private jet that will be approved for landing on unmade runways, with a "rough field" certification.

Total exhibits at Aero Expo 2018

Total visited and displayed at the 2018 Aero Expo, held in June at Buckinghamshire’s Wycombe Air Park.

The best way to buy engine oil for your car or truck dealership

We explain how your business can purchase the latest Total Lubricants. 

Why you should be watching Formula E

Formula E is a burgeoning form of motorsport, focussed around battery electric vehicles (BEV) competing around the globe.

Electrification is changing the vehicle market, and Total is at the forefront

By 2038, it is predicted that electricity demand will increase faster than the demand for energy as a whole. 

A beginner’s guide to Total’s industrial lubricants

Did you know that Total produces over 400 lubricants for different industrial applications, all designed to ensure optimum performance, and extend the operational life of your equipment?

Everything you need to know about engine coolant

Engine coolant is just water, right? 

The world’s best race tracks use Total Bitumen

Track surface quality is paramount to fierce and equal competition.

Total Aviation is at AeroExpo!

Aviation Fuel business exhibiting at the AeroExpo UK in Wycombe Air Park from 14th to 16th June.

Another successful Automechanika for TOTAL

Total Lubricants successfully exhibited at the 2018 edition of the Automechanika Birmingham event.