05/09/2018 News

How Total Special Fluids is looking to a sustainable solvent future



With awareness of environmental issues and their effects on people and nature increasing, businesses and customers across all industries want access to non-toxic, biodegradable products that won’t cause harm to living things.


Understanding this, at Total Special Fluids and Solvents we’ve made sure that our entire range of solvents and special fluids is looking to the future with increased sustainability – here’s what we’ve done to make all our products less toxic and more environmentally acceptable.


Ultra-low aromatic fluids 


Aromatic hydrocarbons are those that contain one or more rings of six unsaturated carbon atoms, and include benzene, toluene and xylene. While they’re useful for some applications, many are harmful to both humans and the wider environment, so should be omitted from products that interact with living things.


Total Special Fluids’ Oudalle plant products are all produced using hydro de-aromatisation (HDA) technology, meaning workers, consumers and the environment are all protected against hazards, whether that’s crops being protected by Arbofine biodegradable paraffin oil, customers creating adhesives using Solane, or consumers of cosmetics made using Gemseal. All of the products made by the HDA process including Hydroseal products have ultra low polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) content too.


Controlled volatile organic compound (VOC) levels 


VOCs include any organic chemicals that have a low boiling point and high resulting vapour pressure, but many VOCs created by human activity can be harmful when they enter the human body over long periods of time, having a negative impact on human and environmental health. It’s for this reason that many countries limit the amount of VOCs that can be present in products.


Many of Total Special Fluids’ products have been formulated to have reduced VOC levels. For instance, Hydroseal, a solvent range used in the production of sealants and adhesives, has drastically lower VOCs than traditional equivalents, additionally they are classed as biodegradable and not pose a risk to the health of individuals working with them.


Biomass feedstocks 


Total Special Fluids have developed the BioLife range of renewable isoalkanes that are biodegradable, have low amounts of aromatics and VOCs. Produced using vegetable origin feedstocks (including International Sustainability and Carbon Certification and Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil-certified palm fatty acid distillate palm oil), this range of isoparaffins are sustainable, as well as being odourless and having very low pour points and very high flash points.


Better production 


While we’ve taken plenty of strides to developing more environmentally friendly lubricants, fluids and solvents, the final product is only ever part of the full picture.


That’s why Total Special Fluids has worked to attain the Total Ecosolutions marque to improve energy efficiency in production facilities and reduce waste. After production is complete, newly optimised logistics chains with lowered greenhouse gas emissions take the product to customers, who can recover or recycle packaging and products.

Total Special Fluids are pushing the boundaries when it comes to developing and producing sustainable solvents and fluids. For more information on our range or to make an order, please contact our team.