18/10/2018 News

Total INNODAYS: how we’re championing success through change


Total INNODAYS Innovation

Whatever our line of work, we all want our businesses to succeed, but when we find a special way of doing things that brings success, it can be difficult to make the next move, leading to the stagnation of products, services, processes and approaches.


Stagnation isn’t a word we’re fond of at Total, so we’re always looking to test and develop new ways of working and new avenues of business. One way we ensure these happen is by organising innovation days.



What are Total’s INNODAYS? 


Total INNODAYS feature programmes of seminars and presentations that focus on innovative and promising developments happening across the company. Teams get together and hear about the latest acquisitions and processes making waves in the business, meeting other like-minded innovators and drawing inspiration for their own divisions.


In a company comprising around 100,000 employees worldwide, INNODAYS are one of the ways we’re making sure that our best and brightest can share and develop ideas to propel the business forward into the future.


Innovative products and services 


INNODAYS feature presentations from Total’s most pioneering subsidiaries, divisions and teams, and the cutting-edge products and services they’re bringing to market.


Take SunPower, the leading solar panel manufacturer. Entering into a partnership in Total earlier this decade, the company has been able to become a force in the solar energy market, producing cells that can harness a record-breaking 25% of the sun’s energy across a lifespan far greater than those of their competitors. SunPower’s innovations should greatly assist future efforts to decarbonise and combat climate change.

Saft is another great example. Acquired by Total in 2016, the company is one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of advanced industrial batteries, providing energy storage solutions for a vast range of industries, including aerospace, medicine, transport and utilities.


Add to this the acquisition of French electric vehicle charging company G2mobility just this year, and our commitment to innovation becomes even clearer.


Whole Total divisions are devoted to innovation too. Total Energy Ventures identifies energy start-ups in need of funding and assists their growth, giving cutting-edge businesses the resources they need to become successes.


The division recently acquired a stake in OnTruck, an innovative freight platform that matches and pools medium-haul road freight shippers with customers in real time, improving delivery speeds, optimising operations and driving improvements in energy efficiency and emissions reduction.


Innovative processes at Total 


Choosing the right internal processes is key to the success of any organisation, and even the best work can be hamstrung by ineffective methodologies.


At a recent Total INNODAYs, we’ve seen Total UK’s digital team give presentations on digital progression within the company and how these improvements benefit business activities. We’ve also had businesses that specialise in A.I. explain how their platforms can supercharge sales teams, and explored how new meeting platforms can involve participants and leverage their skills more successfully than before.


Innovative development 


Alongside developing and innovating its own activities, Total also makes sure to contribute to the local development of the areas in which it operates, particularly in less economically developed countries.


This involves training and hiring local staff, using local products and services and improving the local infrastructure, and we invest in local enterprises through microcredit lending, direct financial support and business coaching to helping local job markets improve and economies prosper.


All of this combines to boost local economic development and wellbeing, creating a beneficial climate for business to prosper.


Supporting learning from others inside and outside of the business, Total’s Innovation Days aim to cultivate an ethos of productive change throughout the company to help it succeed. To find out more, contact our team.