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Our new packaging 

New colors, new labels and a more ergonomic design: that’s what you’ll find on the new packaging that Total has unveiled for its entire range of TOTAL and ELF lubricants.  


A bottle at the forefront of innovation

The new TOTAL and ELF bottles are a major step forward! They’re more practical and easier to read, with an attention to detail that aids consumers by showcasing the product’s premium quality.

Today’s engines are designed more compact and powerful than ever before. They do more with less, which means they run at higher temperatures, putting more pressure on the engine and causing faster oil degradation. As a result, friction between metal parts is increased, risking reduced fuel economy, poor engine and exhaust cleanliness, and premature engine failure.

Our answer to these problems is TOTAL QUARTZ.


Our vision of innovation 

Over 15,000 hours of research, testing and development have gone into creating TOTAL QUARTZ to provide the ultimate in protection and performance for your engine. TOTAL QUARTZ engine oils offer minimal friction and wear, increased fuel economy, excellent cold start properties and extended oil change intervals – delivering considerable, long-term maintenance savings, and improving the driving experience for every motorist.

Whatever your make or model, you can trust TOTAL QUARTZ to deliver the benefits for longer. Learn which oil you should use with Lub Advisor, and for bulk, fleet and after market TOTAL QUARTZ enquiries, please contact us today.

Our vision of performance 

TOTAL QUARTZ combines the latest in lubrication technology, understanding and innovation to provide a range of premium benefits for drivers and fleet operators.

Eco-Science technology – up to 33% improved fuel economy*

Age-Resistance technology – up to 74% less wear*

Clean-Shield technology – up to 64% cleaner*

*compared to industry standards


Eco-Science technology 

Offering the best in engine care for maximised environmental performance, TOTAL QUARTZ Eco-Science technology optimises your engine, lowering fuel consumption, protecting components, improving cleanliness and ensuring a longer lifespan.

Eco-Science technology is formulated with innovative hyperactive molecules that instantly regenerate and reform themselves – capabilities that afford them exceptional resistance to chemical and physical degradation.







Age-Resistance technology

Providing outstanding protection, TOTAL QUARTZ Age-Resistance technology cleans and protects your engine to reduce friction and component wear – chief causes of deposit formation, power loss and premature engine failure.

Age-Resistance technology increases molecular interaction to offer the ultimate resistance to oil oxidation and sludge build-up, helping your engine stay younger for longer.







Clean-Shield technology 

Actively cleaning your engine, Clean-Shield technology effectively protects it from corrosion and sludge formation, giving you total peace of mind while reducing maintenance costs and extending drain intervals.

Clean-Shield technology works thanks to innovative additives that thoroughly wash your engine, soap molecules that clean the combustion chamber, and anti-oxidant technologies that prevent oil degradation.




Clean Shield


PURE: performance at first sight 




Designed with our customers in mind, our new TOTAL QUARTZ oil containers allow fast identification,
transportation and usage, providing a perfect top up or change, every time.

  • Easy-to-read label – Quickly identify the right oil for your vehicle by benefit and grade.
  • Easy-carry side handle – For improved ergonomics, transport and storage.
  • Easy-pour bottle – Making maintenance simple and spill-free.

Find an engine oil for your vehicle

There is a TOTAL QUARTZ engine oil for every engine and requirement.

Unsure which oil is best for your vehicle? Discover the right engine oil for your car with Lub Advisor. Simply input your registration or make and model, and our helpful tool will show you the recommended oils and fluids to keep it protected and working at peak condition.

Visit Lub Advisor



Total Quartz: recommended by manufacturers and motorsport 

Aston Martin

“We work with TOTAL to develop and test products on-track, which can then be found in our road cars”

David King, Vice President and Chief Special Operations Officer, Aston Martin Lagonda Ltd.


Total UK Aston Martin Partnership


Our partnershipsTotal in competition

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