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21/03/2019 News

How Folia metalworking fluids transformed manufacturing for GKN Driveline


Folia Metalworking Brazil GKN

The extreme pressures, temperatures and speeds indicative of metalworking operations require the use of high-quality fluids to ensure that machinery can work as effectively and precisely as possible, ensuring products are of the highest quality.

This was the case for the Brazilian axle manufacturing arm of multinational driveline components manufacturer GKN Driveline. Producing heavy-duty products for trucks, the company needed to ensure that its machinery was able to create industry-leading products that fleet managers and drivers could rely on, all while keeping costs optimised. The answer was the FOLIA range of metalworking lubricants from TOTAL.


How Folia helped GKN 

Grinding, turning and milling forged steels, GKN needed a product that could cope with contamination of graphite dust, would work well in high-temperature environments and keep stable for long periods of time, ensuring that lubricant costs were kept to a minimum.

Decreased tool costs

The company switched from a competing product to FOLIA G 5100 in December 2016 with a 7% formulation. Immediately, pieces were seen to be much cooler after manufacturing, and because FOLIA offered hugely increased protection, tool budgets were decreased by 40% – so much that the fluid paid for itself

Increased productivity 

Output was also increased thanks to FOLIA boosting the cutting speed and feed rate of machines, which were cleaner and safer thanks to the reduction in mist, improving working conditions in kind.

Lower fluid consumption 

FOLIA also meant that fluid consumption rates were lower than before. With the previous fluid, machines had three-month drainage intervals, but when this was replaced with FOLIA, the drainage interval was increased to over a year.

Less detergent used

The stable, advanced FOLIA formulation also meant the metalworking washing machine was no longer saturated with volumes of oil that were seen previously. This led to detergent change intervals being increased from ten weeks to twice a year.

Reduction in wastewater

Combined, reductions in fluid and detergent meant that the volume of wastewater used every year dropped from 35m³ to a mere 6m³, improving the business’ environmental performance.

The TOTAL FOLIA product range

Whatever the operation or process, there’s a dedicated FOLIA metalworking for the job:

  • B series – Multipurpose metalworking fluids.
  • A series – Aerospace metalworking fluids.
  • G series – Grinding metalworking fluids.
  • F series – Specialised forming fluids.

Find out more about how FOLIA can help your business become more efficient, productive and reliable, or contact our team today.