06/02/2019 News

Eight reasons why FOLIA can revolutionise your manufacturing business



Metalworking operations involve extremes of pressure, heat and load, but without the right lubricants and coolants, these stresses wreak havoc on tools and machinery components. What’s more, many conventional lubricant solutions can cause harm to personnel, workplaces and the wider environment, posing even more challenges to manufacturers.

To address these issues, Total’s range of FOLIA products have been specifically designed to safeguard metalworking machinery and tools without posing a hazard, amongst a wide range of other great benefits.


Excellent lubricity and cooling capacity 

Whatever the metalworking operation, tooling needs to be properly lubricated to efficiently and effectively process materials. FOLIA oils lubricate with innovative, low-foaming biopolymer technology that omits emulsifiers or mineral oils.

This technology means FOLIA doesn’t just lubricate better than conventional lubricants, it acts as a powerful coolant for metalworking processes, resulting in more uptime, lower maintenance costs and a better finish to end-product.


Highly versatile

There are FOLIA oils for every metalworking process, with each lubricant the product of in-depth research produced alongside industry partners. B-series oils are truly multipurpose fluids, A-series lubricants have been developed for aerospace processes, G-series for grinding operations, and F-series for forming processes.


Significant tool cost reductions

When properly lubricated against wear and protected from corrosion and oxidisation, tools can operate under higher stresses for longer periods of time. This helps to stop them failing and allows for easier maintenance when problems do occur. FOLIA fluids are proven to lubricate effectively, increasing tool lifetimes by up to 30% to greatly reduce tooling costs.


Greater operational yield

By effectively lubricating metalworking tooling and components, FOLIA products allow machinery to perform faster and with fewer disruptions, improving the yield of operations and the profitability of manufacturers.


Lengthened fluid service lifespans

Changing lubricants and coolants takes time and can pose a significant cost for metalworking operations. Thankfully, because of their biopolymer formulation that reduces deposit formation and fights biological contamination, FOLIA fluids need to be replaced much less often than conventional oils – in many cases only requiring a top-up. That doesn’t just reduce downtime; it means lower lubricant costs too.


Better preservation of sealing components

Some lubricants can react with the seals and rubbers surrounding components, degrading them and resulting in increased maintenance costs. This isn’t an issue with FOLIA’s biopolymer technology, which keeps seals and other rubber parts in excellent condition.


Less waste and pollutants

FOLIA lubricants only feature the safest molecules so come with no pictograms, have no odour, produce no vapours or fumes, and conform to stringent international standards. Alongside their extremely long lifespans, this means that they produce less waste, and when they do enter workplaces and ecosystems, they’re far less hazardous than competing fluids.


Improved safety and operational conditions

A low environment risk also means that FOLIA fluids make workplaces safer. They don’t harm staff who come into contact with them, don’t have a toxic effect on the surrounding atmosphere, and don’t cause physical dangers such as slippery floors.

Made for metalworkers looking for innovative solutions to their challenges, FOLIA is the professional choice. Find out more about the product range or contact the Total team for more information.