24/10/2018 News

Total’s Work Well Guide goes live

Total Work Well


Keeping safe in the workplace is paramount, where not putting the right systems in place can cause all kinds human, legal and administrative costs.


To help businesses better understand their health and safety responsibilities, Total has produced a new resource – the Total Work Well Guide. 


With it, organisations can make sure they’re implementing best practice to protect people, production and the environment.


Tailored health and safety guidance 


Covering a vast range of common health, safety and sustainability topics, from dealing with hazardous substances to ensuring worker competency and correct equipment maintenance, the guide has the information you need to help ensure your business operates safely.


Simply tap or click on the relevant icons – or access the quick navigate menu – to see snippets of best practice, then click through to see detailed info on your chosen topic.


Alternatively, download the PDF guide for an in-depth look into an array of workplace health and safety matters.


A basis for your organisation’s health and safety 


While the guide introduces plenty of important aspects of health and safety, it’s important that you seek further guidance when formulating your own health and safety guidelines. As a basis, use the links at the bottom of each PDF page to access the relevant government guidance and be sure to study information provided by the Health and Safety Executive.


Keeping team members, facilities and the environment safe isn’t just a legal requirement – doing so can optimise your operations to help boost productivity. View the Total Work Well Guide for more information or contact the Total UK team.