If there’s any automotive marque that combines unbridled power with a refined sense of luxury, it must be Aston Martin. Since 2016, Total has worked alongside the famous British manufacturer with its TOTAL QUARTZ lubricant range as Official Lubricant and Technical Partner.

Helping the carmaker uphold the heritage and improve the performance of its vehicles, Total’s exceptional engine oils have helped Aston Martin reach new heights of excellence, on and off the track.

Performance lubrication for Aston Martin Racing

Racing is part of the lifeblood of Aston Martin, with a heritage stretching back over a century. With the assistance of Total, the Aston Martin Racing race team has seen success in series including the prestigious 24 Hours of Le Mans 2017, the American Le Mans and the GT4 European Cup, and currently competes in the FIA World Endurance Championships (WEC).

With drivers Marco Sørensen and Nicki Thiim pushing Aston Martin’s blisteringly fast Vantage vehicle to its limit in the LM GTE Pro class, Aston Martin and Total won 2018’s 6 Hours of Shanghai race, and are on track for an excellent 2018/19 WEC season.

Each race, Total’s lubrication experts are on hand to optimise the use of high-performance QUARTZ oils. At their mobile laboratory and technical support centre, dedicated engineers analyse engine data to ensure Aston Martin’s vehicles can perform perfectly under the intense conditions of endurance racing – and it’s this experience that informs all Total’s QUARTZ retail oils.

TOTAL QUARTZ for Aston Martin 

TOTAL QUARTZ is used as the OE first-fill engine oil for DB11 and Vantage Aston Martin road cars, developed to ensure car lovers can enjoy a quintessential driving experience, every moment they’re behind the wheel.

All racing lubricant development information from Aston Martin Racing is fed back into to road-car TOTAL QUARTZ development.

100% synthetic QUARTZ lubricants safeguard components from corrosion, oxidization, deposits and wear, and have extended drain intervals for lower maintenance costs. They also improve fuel economy, efficiency and engine performance, keeping engines working under intense pressure and heat and improving cold-start performance. For motorists wanting the best for their pride and joy, TOTAL QUARTZ oils are best-in-class.

TOTAL QUARTZ protects engines and helps them perform. Find out more about the TOTAL QUARTZ range, visit Lub Advisor to find the recommended lubricant for your vehicle, or contact the team if you’d like more information.