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How to perform a motorbike oil change

Motorcycle oil keeps your bike’s engine and transmission parts operating smoothly and safely, but over time it can pick up deposits and other impurities, lose viscosity, oxidise and the additives within the oil can become depleted, necessitating an oil change.  

The ultimate guide to motorcycle oil

Keeping prides of joy up free from wear and corrosion and preserving engine performance to keep owners’ pulse rates high, motorcycle oil is a must-have.

Total Preslia GT: Helping efficiently power over 4 million homes

At Total, we understand efficiency. Lubricants, fuels, services – you name it: performance and productivity are built in from the ground up. In no infrastructure is this singular focus more integral than power stations; just one reason why the partnership between Total and RWE’s Pembroke Power Station has been so successful.

Total to attend Hillhead 2020

Total are pleased to announce that they will once again be attending and exhibiting at Hillhead 2020.

AdBlue® calculator: work out how much your vehicle needs

Understand how much AdBlue® your vehicle or fleet requires with our handy guide. By understanding your consumption rates, you can better plan your AdBlue® purchases and potentially save yourself or your business money. 

How to check, refill and remove AdBlue®

Whether you own a car or manage a fleet, it’s a great idea to understand how to check, refill and remove AdBlue® from your vehicle. The fluid, used to reduce nitrous oxide emissions in diesel engines, safeguards your health and that of pedestrians.

How to solve problems with AdBlue®

When using AdBlue®, diesel owners can come up against common issues that, if incorrectly dealt with, can impact vehicle performance, emissions standards compliance and the health of drivers and pedestrians. 

Total Donates a Year’s Supply Of Lubricants to Wensleydale Railway

Total Lubricants has donated a year's worth of lubricants to the Wensleydale Railway, which operates 22 miles of track between Leeming Bar and Redmire in North Yorkshire.

What oil should I choose for my van?

With such an array of van engine oils available, if you need a top up or change it’s important you can choose with confidence.

FOLIA from Total Supports Metalworking Businesses with HSE Compliance

Total Lubricants is urging metalworking businesses to ensure they have the correct procedures in place for controlling exposure to the mist and fumes created in metalworking processes in order to comply with regulatory requirements.

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