Sustainable special fluids and solvents by Total

How Total Special Fluids is looking to a sustainable solvent future

The Total Special Fluids team work tirelessly to make sure their solvent products are sustainable.


How ELF MOTO and Brough Superior make the perfect motorbike partnership

Total ELF MOTO and Brough Superior have worked together to create a range of motorbike engine oils for vintage motorcycles.

Total UK releases newly optimised online UK lubricant catalogue

Browse the full range of Total Lubricants for cars, trucks, commercial vehicles, industrial and construction machinery and more.


How SunPower is changing the world with solar power

Total is a global energy provider, part of which entails increased involvement in solar energy.

AdBlue® Importance Emissions

Why is AdBlue® more important than ever?

With the introduction of Clean Air Zones, WLTP emission tests and tighter regulations, AdBlue® is more important than ever.

What is a turbine?

What is a turbine and how are they used?

Turbines can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. But what are their primary function, why do they need lubrication and what can Total offer to improve performance and efficiency.

Total Transmission Gear Premium Oil

Why it's crucial to use premium gearbox lubricants for the automotive and industrial applications

High-quality premium gearbox and transmission oil may seem like an extravagant expensive, but they can offer improve vehicle performance, enhanced reliability and long-term cost savings.

Oil Spillage Marine Dispersants

How Total’s marine dispersants help during spillage disasters

Marine Dispersants are vital in protecting the world’s shorelines, seas and wildlife should an oil spillage occur.

Traversee de Paris Total

Traversee de Paris

Every year, in summer and winter, the Traversée de Paris brings together several hundred vehicles of all brands and eras during a parade through the streets of Paris.

Bitumen Safety ROSPA

Total UK Bitumen win prestigious ROSPA Silver Award

At Total, we take health and safety in the workplace with the utmost importance.