Save time and cut down on paperwork with our easy-to-use e-billing service

  • At Total we aim to make life easier for our customers, and our electronic billing service, DocOnline, does just that.
  • Fast – With DocOnline you’ll receive your invoices approximately four days sooner than if they were posted.
  • Secure – Only those with access to your user account will have access to your invoices.
  • Easy – No paperwork to worry about, and all your purchase and payment records will be archived on our secure server for 18 months.
  • Convenient – DocOnline is available 24/7, to any device that runs a web browser. 
  • Green – With no paper and no need to have a letter delivered, DocOnline saves trees and cuts down on CO2 emissions.

Check out our FAQ below, or contact us to find out more.


What is an electronic invoice?

Your invoice is presented as a PDF file rather than a paper document, complete with an electronic signature ensuring authenticity. You can still print it out if you wish.

How will I view my invoices?

Invoices can be viewed 24 hours a day on DocOnline from any computer connected to the Internet.

What tools do I need?

You may need to install decompression software such as 7-Zip, as well as Acrobat Reader, on your computer. Both are free and easy to install.

How long will my invoice be available for?

Invoices will be stored in your account for 18 months, during which time you’ll be able to download them and archive them in your records.

Does the e-bill include the same information as a paper invoice?

Yes: Your e-bill is a PDF version of the paper invoice you would otherwise receive.

How will I know when an invoice has arrived?

An e-mail notification will let you know whenever a new invoice is available, with a link through to the DocOnline site.

Does an e-bill have the same legal standing as paper?


My business is an SME. Is it easy for me?

It’s very simple. You just download the invoice from DocOnline and then process it in the same way as any other invoice.