Aviation fuel is the core of our business, and we offer solutions for everyone from the biggest commercial airlines right through to small flying clubs. You’ll find our fuels at airports, airfields and private helipads, as well as those run by the police, the military and the aerospace industry. The quality of Total fuels, our experience and expertise in the industry, and our customer service are second to none.

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AVGAS UL91 – a cleaner way to fly

Our fuels are of the highest quality, but we always strive to make them better, and safer for the environment. That’s why we developed Total AVGAS UL91, a colourless, unleaded fuel, designed for cleaner flying in the sports and general aviation markets. It is replacing AVGAS 100LL fuel in more and more engines.

AVGAS UL91 has been endorsed by Rotax for use in its 912 UL/A/F, 912 ULS/S and 914 OLF/F engines, which makes it applicable to thousands of fixed-wing and flex-wing microlights. Models include Alpi Pioneer, Aquila, Banbi MCR-01, CT2, Europa, EV-97 Eurostar, A-22 Foxbat, C42 Ikarus, SportCruiser, Tecnam P2002 and twin P2006.

It meets international standard ASTM D7547, issued by the American Society for Testing and Material, which sets worldwide standards to guarantee and improve the quality of fuels and product safety.


An extensive list of light aircraft engines where AVGAS UL91 is used can be found at the Light Aircraft Association website.


AVGAS 100LL – high-quality piston engine fuel

Specially designed for piston engine aircraft, AVGAS 100LL is a low lead aviation fuel manufactured by Total and available at hundreds of airfields in over 50 countries. When it is blended at our La Mede refinery, a blue dye is added, and the fuel meets the ASTM D910 and DEF STAN 91-90 international standards.







JET A-1 – the world’s jet fuel

This aviation fuel – also called F-35 - has a low freezing point and is widely used for jet turbine engines, though it can also be used in some compatible diesel engines for general aviation. It has a flashpoint of 38°C and freezing point of -47°C. Total JET A-1 meets the most stringent international standards including the AFQRJOS, the British DEF STAN 91-91 standard, the ASTM D1655 standard, and NATO F-35 specifications.







JET F-34 – ideal for flying in cold conditions

Total’s Jet A-1 (F-35) fuel is delivered to airfields and airports around the country including Heathrow. However, for customers who request it we also offer the military grade turbine engine fuel JET F-34. With Fuel Systems Icing Inhibitor (FSII) such as AL48 included in the formulation, JET F-34 is ideal for aircraft and helicopters without fuel system heaters operating in cold conditions. The additive also helps with engine lubrication and has anti-fungus properties.