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Order bitumen online with Total

To improve your productivity and the profitability of your business, Total Bitumen Online helps take the risk out of buying bitumen. The online bitumen buying solution is a dedicated platform for purchasing bitumen products that’s easy to use and enables you to buy at a fixed price. You can also monitor your deliveries in real-time with geo-tracking, and even set alerts that let you buy when the price is right for your business.

Fixed-price bitumen purchases

When you’re working on a big contract and have budgeted a certain amount of money to cover your bitumen requirements, both your margins and the quality of construction are exposed to the risk of price fluctuations. But what if there was a way of buying bitumen at your budgeted price?

Our Bitumen Online service gives you the opportunity to track fixed-price deals and secure the quantity of bitumen you need at the price you’re willing to pay, delivered exactly when you need it.

Fast, flexible and easy to use

Bitumen Online is available 24/7 and can be securely accessed via all devices.

Once signed in, you’re just four clicks away from a fixed-price deal, letting you buy bitumen in under two minutes. Simply select the delivery point and product grade you require to view fixed prices. If they fit your projected margin, click to confirm your purchase.

Set your own price alerts

Not only can you view price terms and choose fixed price deals, with Bitumen Online you can set up price alerts to let you take advantage of deals the moment they appear. Define your target price, and you’ll receive an email notification when suitable deals go live.

The platform also lets you view reports and dashboards that help you monitor the bitumen market, and you can track your order from purchase through to delivery for risk-free ordering.

Making your life easier

Bitumen Online is available to any bitumen user authorised by our sales department. Buyers, procurement specialists, finance directors, MDs – anyone with bitumen purchasing responsibility can join.

Use Bitumen Online to buy:

  • Asphalt for roads including hot, warm and cold mix applications.
  • Emulsis binders for surface treatments.
  • Bitumen for industrial applications.

If you commit to certain monthly volumes, you can even project your fixed prices year-round for bitumen you plan to sell on to third parties.

For more information on Bitumen Online, contact us using the button below.