Lub Advisor - Find the right oil

If you’re not sure which oil your vehicle needs Total Lub Advisor is on hand – whether you drive a car, motorcycle, van, truck, bus, coach, or operate agricultural or construction machinery.

Simply search your license plate or choose your make, model and type of vehicle to see the lubricants our experts recommend. All Total’s premium lubricants are featured, including:


  • QUARTZ – High-performance engine oil with Age Resistance Technology.
  • ELF SPORTI – Excellent-value, OEM-quality car lubricants for the independent motor trade
  • RUBIA – Heavy-duty commercial vehicle engine lubricants
  • ELF TX – Innovative engine oils for classic, vintage and young classic vehicles.
  • GLACELF and COOLELF – Antifreeze and coolant for vehicles.
  • Gearbox and transmission lubricants – Including Fluide, Fluidmatic, Transmission Axle, Transmission Dual and Transmission Gear.

With Lub Advisor, you don’t have to leave your oil choice to chance – choose your vehicle type in the tool below.


Find the right lubricant for your car, your moto or any other devices by using Total UK Lub Advisor solution.

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