Light commercial vehicle lubricants and oils

It’s essential that your fleet of vans runs smoothly in order to keep your business efficient. Total’s engine oils, coolants, gear and transmission oils can help you to achieve this. With Total, you can be confident that you’re using high quality, high economy lubricants that will protect your LCV’s engine and the environment, keeping your business on the road.



Van engine oil — TOTAL QUARTZ

At Total, we know how varied the van market is, so we’ve developed oils for a vast range of engines and models, all designed to meet the most stringent manufacturer specifications.

Fuel economy technology – saving your fleet money 

Van Engine Oil

The engine oil you choose can have a significant impact on the fuel economy of your light commercial vehicle.

Look for the Fuel Economy (FE) badge on TOTAL QUARTZ products and you’ll discover a range of engine oils to significantly lower the fuel consumption of your fleet – reducing your carbon emissions with every mile driven and saving your fleet money at the petrol pump.





Age Resistance Technology – guarantees ultimate engine protection 

Viscosity grade motor oil lubricant

For TOTAL QUARTZ engine oil, our engineers have formulated Age Resistance Technology, also known as ART. It's a breakthrough innovation: the interaction between oil molecules is increased, creating a super resistant molecular structure.

This helps to prevent the lubricant protective film from breaking, whatever the conditions: extreme temperature and pressure, friction and sludge accumulation. TOTAL QUARTZ with ART protects all your light commercial vehicle engine parts to ensure optimal working condition.






Total QUARTZ - Key features and benefits 

Quartz XXL.png
  • Age Resistance Technology – ultimate protection for your engine
  • High quality products – from a world-leading lubricant provider
  • Complete range of engine oils – covering every make and model of light commercial vehicle
  • Committed to research and development – continued product innovation







Did you know that 22% of vehicle failures are caused by problems with the cooling system? With Total Glacelf and Coolelf antifreeze and coolants, you can avoid unnecessary expenses and keep your light commercial vehicle fleet running efficiently.

Total antifreeze and coolant key features and benefits

Total coolant and antifreeze
  • Exceptional performance – in both high and low temperatures
  • Variety of options to suit your needs – including ready to use and concentrate products
  • Avoid unnecessary expense – lower maintenance costs
  • No worries – protects against engine breakdown, corrosion and overheating








Van gear and transmission oils

Just like the engine itself, it’s crucial that you keep your gearbox lubricated to ensure optimum performance and to protect it against wear and tear. Total offers durable, high quality lubricants for both manual and automatic transmissions, including Fuel Economy options that will save you money and help protect the environment.

Total gear and transmission oil key features and benefits

Total Gearbox and transmissions lubricants
  • Lower maintenance costs – thanks to extended drain periods
  • Excellent protection against wear and corrosion – these oils can stand extreme pressure
  • Low temperature fluidity – meaning less drag and fuel consumption even during cold starts
  • Excellent stability in operation – due to the high viscosity index
  • High compatibility with oil filters – due to antifoam properties
  • Fuel economy options – to help you reduce fuel costs and protect the environment.