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11/06/2019 News

How Total’s brake fluids keep motorists safe

How Total’s brake fluids keep motorists safe Total UK

As critical as the engine is, one thing motorists need to be able to rely on is their brakes, and a big part of this comes down to hydraulic brake fluids. These non-compressible fluids transfer the movement of the brake pedal to the vehicle’s brake pads and discs, but not just any will do. Brake systems require high-quality fluids so drivers can enjoy powerful, lightning-fast brake response across lengthy drainage intervals. Here’s how Total’s range of brake fluids keep motorists safe across the world.




What are the benefits of Total brake fluids? 

Total’s range of high-performance brake fluids have been developed to give drivers the best possible ride, ensuring they get home safe at the end of every journey.

  • High viscosity index fluids resistant to high and low temperature extremes – so whatever the weather conditions or levels of engine stress, your brakes stay totally responsive and protected from vapour lock.
  • Great lubrication under stress – reducing wear and keeping components in perfect, safe working order over long maintenance intervals, thereby reducing costs.
  • Thermally stable – to guard brake system components against corrosion and wear, reducing costs and improving safety.
  • Total compatibility with rubber components – ensuring all seals and hoses within the brake system are safeguarded from deterioration, damage and failure.
  • Non-corrosive – keeping metallic components, (tinned metal, steel, aluminium, cast iron, brass and copper) in excellent working order.
  • Extended drain intervals – so motorists don’t get caught out with low brake fluid levels while out on the road.

What brake fluids are in the Total range? 

Total offer two key brake fluids to the UK market. Together, they cover all drivers, ensuring that everyone can enjoy safe, effective braking.

Total HBF 4 

For cars, commercial vehicles, coaches and buses, Total HBF 4 is a fully synthetic brake fluid that delivers complete performance and safety. Compatible with brake and clutch systems that need a DOT 4 level fluid, it offers exceptional dry and wet boiling points, metal and rubber compatibility and excellent viscosity for total dependability. Learn more about HBF 4.

Elf Moto Brake Fluid 

Designed to provide motorbike braking systems with the ultimate in braking power and safety, Elf Moto Brake fluid is a fully synthetic and silicon-free DOT 5.1 fluid compatible with all braking systems. Stable, viscous and lubricating, it ensures bikes can stop quick, without suffering corrosion or wear. Explore Total Elf Moto Brake Fluid.

How to keep your brakes safe 

As well as using the best-quality brake fluids available, it’s important that you keep your vehicle’s brakes in good condition. Just follow these steps and you’ll be able to drive safe and happy:

  • Fill up your brake fluid cylinder – Don’t wait for the fluid level to drop too far, as this can put your brakes under additional stress.
  • Change the brake fluid – In accordance with your owners manual or service guide.
  • Look at your brakes – If you’ve got alloys, chances are you can see your brake system, so check for uneven wear and other signs of damage regularly.
  • Follow the schedule – Your owner’s manual will also note how often your brakes need a service, so be sure to follow this timeframe. Alternatively, a good rule of thumb is every 10,000 miles or every third change of oil.
  • Know your dashboard – Understand what the symbols mean on your dashboard so you can identify brake issues immediately. Just check your owner’s manual.