What is antifreeze and engine coolant? 

Total coolant and antifreeze

Coolant is a mixture of antifreeze and water. The antifreeze is diluted with a specific quantity of water according to a vehicle’s requirements.

The coolant mixes with water in a vehicle’s radiator. It is then circulated around the engine and back through the radiator in order to keep the engine running in all weather conditions.

Coolant is required as it prevents the water in the radiator from freezing in cold temperatures and boiling under extremely warm temperatures. Without coolant, the engine would fail to start or overheat very quickly, leading to breakdowns and engine failure.




Total produces antifreeze concentrate (GLACELF) which must be mixed with water and a range of ready-mixed coolants (COOLELF).

These high quality, durable engine fluids take away the worry of engine breakdown, protect against corrosion and overheating, and lower maintenance costs for drivers. They’re developed in the most advanced research centres in Europe, and are approved by a range of world-class car, construction, agricultural and commercial vehicle manufacturers.

Some of the Total engine coolant and antifreeze range:

  • TOTAL GLACELF SI-OAT – Dilute this concentrate antifreeze for use in EURO 6 engines. For cars, vans, commercial, construction and agriculture vehicles
  • TOTAL GLACELF ECO BS – Antifreeze concentrate to be diluted, BS 6580 compliant. For cars, vans, commercial, construction and agriculture vehicles
  • TOTAL COOLELF SI-OAT – A ready-to-use engine coolant for EURO 6 engines. For cars, vans, commercial, construction and agriculture vehicles
  • TOTAL COOLELF G13 – Ready-to-use coolant suitable for most Volkswagen Group passenger car engines.
  • TOTAL COOLELF FR – Ready-to-use in Citroën and Peugeot passenger car models
  • TOTAL COOLELF FR RD – Ready-to-use for Renault and Dacia passenger car engines
  • TOTAL COOLELF ECO BS – Economical and ready-to-use, it conforms to British Standard 6580. For cars, vans, commercial, construction and agriculture vehicles


Should the cooling system not function correctly, the engine will begin to fail, as could the radiator, water pump, head gasket or engine block. At worst, the engine could be destroyed.

Total antifreeze and coolants are formulated based on special OAT inhibitor technology. They have a much longer service life compared to conventional products, allowing for extended drain intervals – which means less maintenance is required, reduced coolant replacement costs, and less harm to the environment.

TOTAL GLACELF and COOLELF both contain the additives required to protect a full range of vehicles, while also providing exceptional performance in the winter freeze down to -37°C.

To find out more about the Total range of antifreeze and coolants, contact us today.

Use Total Lub Advisor to find the right antifreeze and coolant for your car, van, construction vehicle, agricultural vehicle  or commercial vehicle. They are available from Total in the following sizes: 1L, 5L, 20L, 60L, 208L, IBC and bulk.

OAT inhibitor technology advantages 

TOTAL GLACELF and TOTAL COOLELF use our unique OAT inhibitor technology to provide the following advantages:

  • Increased heat transfer efficiency
  • Extended coolant life
  • Superior high temperature aluminium protection
  • Extended water pump life by up to 50%
  • Excellent cavitation protection
  • High temperature oxidation stability
  • Improved compatibility with elastomers & plastics
  • Reduced cooling system scaling and deposits
  • Less product disposal required
  • Environmentally friendly inhibitors
  • Decreased maintenance costs

Key features and benefits of TOTAL GLACELF and TOTAL COOLELF

  • Exceptional performance – in both high and low temperatures
  • Variety of options to suit your needs – including ready to use and concentrate products
  • Avoid unnecessary expense – lower maintenance costs
  • No worries – protects against engine breakdown, corrosion and overheating