What are Total’s transmission and gear lubricants? 


Total’s extensive range of gearbox and transmission lubricants ensure that vehicles are properly lubricated, allowing drivers to lower maintenance costs and enjoy the best possible fuel economy.


Compatible with all common car and commercial vehicle makes and models, Total’s selection of transmission and gear lubricants include:


Total Fluide 

Lubricant for automatic or semi-automatic transmissions and torque converters of passenger cars, light commercial vehicles and industrial vehicles.


Total Fluidmatic 

Automatic transmission fluid formulated with premium base stocks and carefully selected additives to meet the challenging demands of automatic transmissions.


Total Transmission Axle 

Extreme pressure mineral manual transmission fluid for highly loaded gears.


Total Transmission Dual 

High-performance manual transmission lubricant for synchronised and non-synchronised axles and reduction gears.


Total Transmission Gear 

Transmission fluid especially designed for the lubrication of manual gear boxes of passenger cars.


Why choose Total’s transmission and gear lubricants? 


Lubricants for gearboxes and transmissions are paramount for any driver or workshop wanting to safeguard vehicles against potentially costly wear and tear, increase the lifespan of components and boost fuel economy.


By choosing a product from Total’s range, technicians and drivers can be sure that the most hard-wearing parts of their vehicles are correctly lubricated. Every product reduces metal wear and pressure on components, and some are formulated to help improve function at very low or high temperatures.


What’s more, all are designed to prevent corrosion and don’t need to be changed as often as lower performing oils, meaning less hassle and lower maintenance costs in the long run.


Total transmission and gear lubricants key features and benefits 


  • Extended drain periods – Directly translating to lower maintenance costs for drivers.
  • Extreme pressure resistance – Protecting gears and sychromeshes against metal wear and corrosion.
  • High viscosity index – Providing excellent stability and coverage, as well as improving fluidity at low temperatures, assisting cold starts.
  • Low temperature fluidity – Letting drivers enjoy better fuel consumption and less drag, even during cold starts.
  • Anti-foam properties - Ensures good air release in operation and also giving good lubrication at high temperatures.
  • Improved engine function – Improves engine performance, reduces fuel costs and lowers emissions.
  • Anti-corrosion properties – Guarding against component degradation and reducing maintenance costs.
  • Low loss of viscosity through shear – Protecting components from excessive wear.
  • Compatible with most types of synchronizers – For optimised manual gearbox lubrication.


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