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Role and benefits of motor oil

What is motor oil used for and what are its benefits?

Machines require lubricants in order to run properly, making motor oil an essential element of every vehicle or equipment engine. But what is motor oil specifically used for and what are its benefits?

What is the composition of motor oil?

What is motor oil composed of?

Whether mineral, synthetic or semi-synthetic, motor oil consists of a base oil and additives.

Understanding motor oil standards 

Understanding motor oil standards

When choosing a motor oil, you can refer to the standards of the product. This information allows you to understand the type of engine the motor oil is designed for (diesel or petrol), its performance level and whether the oil meets your automotive manufacturer’s recommendations.

How to check and change your motor oil

How to check and change your motor oil

To ensure that your vehicle and the mechanical components that comprise it work properly, it’s essential to check your motor oil and change it regularly. Unsure how? In this guide, we provide all the steps you should follow to successfully check your oil level and change your engine lubricant.

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