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26/02/2019 News

How Total TIG 6 maintenance and lubrication planning helps manufacturing succeed


Total TIG 6 manufacturing maintenance lubrication planning


If you’re a fleet or plant manager, chances are you have to constantly respond to the challenge of improving the efficiency and performance of your operations. But keeping track of the diverse array of equipment at your disposal and each machine’s specific maintenance needs and schedules can be a complicated and time-consuming task.

Understanding this, Total developed TIG 6; an application designed to streamline and simplify machine maintenance planning, covering every conceivable maintenance task.

Simple organisation

TIG 6 combines a huge range of tasks and processes within a single, easy-to-use software application. With it, you can create a trackable log of every piece of machinery you operate, the lubricants each machine needs, and their oil change and maintenance schedules.

From this, you can then create tailored, time-based task lists to plan and validate both planned and unplanned maintenance, improving safety, ensuring quality and helping produce a simplified audit trail.

All TIG 6 records can also be accessed live from mobile by on-site technical operators, and the app has a built-in barcode reader.

A library of documentation

The Windows, Android and iOS-enabled system allows you to store all your documentation in one location. This includes technical data sheets, internal procedure documents, safety sheets, maintenance guides, external documentation and contact information, removing barriers to data access and dramatically speeding up processes.

Inclusive resource monitoring 

TIG 6’s primary function is oil and equipment management. With it, you can enjoy a bird’s-eye view of your lubricants, consumables, equipment, tools and even personnel, helping improve the order, delivery and application of resources to reduce waste, consumption and costs.

Helpful monitoring tools also mean machinery lifetimes are increased when they’re managed using TIG 6, since maintenance is precisely and effectively applied. This makes sure potential problems are quickly dealt with before they impact equipment and cause downtime.

Lastly, TIG 6 affords easy analysis and report-making, with the ability to export to excel. This allows you to forecast the use of your resources, further reducing waste.

Integrated with ANAC

If you use ANAC, Total’s lube oil diagnosis service, you can manage your analyses within TIG 6, importing oil reports to the system and creating an archive of previous diagnoses and comments. You can also produce graphics of multiple ANAC reports and set up alerts when oil samples need to be performed, feeding these into TIG 6 task lists.

Streamlining organisation across multiple sites, TIG 6 can be quickly implemented, customised and taught by Total staff, saving you time and freeing up resources to save time and money. Find out more about the service or contact the team for more information.